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Pacific Lutheran University values the safety, health and well being of all employees. PLU policy is to provide safe and healthful working conditions in all operations and to follow the laws and regulations about the safety and health of our employees. When working with supervisors and employees, PLU will draw on all applicable policies.

Should you become injured or ill, it is important that you return to employment as early as is medically safe for you to do so. At the same time, however, it is important that you not return to work unless it is medically safe. A doctor’s release may be required prior to your return to work. Your supervisor and/or Human Resources will stay in contact with you and your medical provider to keep up-to-date on your recovery progress.

Light duty assignments may be developed where possible for employees who are unable to return to their normal duties while recovering from their injuries. Light duty assignments will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If you are eligible for a light duty assignment, your medical provider will be contacted to furnish information on the nature of the work you are medically able to perform. If accommodations are necessary to perform your duties, the university will attempt to make reasonable accommodations.

Should you be assigned to light duty, you will be expected to follow the advice of your medical provider. If you have trouble performing these duties, let your supervisor know immediately. You then need to follow-up with your medical provider. She/he should provide a written report giving medical reasons why you are unable to continue working.

PLU reserves the right to ask for a second and/or third medical opinion at its expense where it is concerned about the medical ability of an employee to return to work or to perform light duties.

No one knows your job better than you do. Please help us by making suggestions about what duties you feel you can safely perform. Also, please let us know how your job might be changed so you, or an injured co-worker, can more easily and safely do it.

Please report all injuries or hazardous situations to your supervisor as soon as possible.