Nepotism Policy

Relationship by family or marriage constitutes neither an advantage nor a deterrent to appointment by the university, provided that the individual meets the appropriate standards for the position to be filled and provided that the individual will not be in the chain of supervision of a spouse, family member, or person with whom the individual is dating. Employment will be denied under the following circumstances:

  1. Where one family member would have the authority or practical power to supervise, appoint, remove, or discipline another;
  2. Where one family member would be responsible for auditing the work of another;
  3. Where other circumstances exist which would place family members in a situation of actual or reasonably foreseeable conflict between the employer’s interest and their own.

Applicants who are denied employment to a particular position for one of the foregoing reasons will be considered for other vacant positions for which they may be qualified. Failure to advise the university of the existence of one of these circumstances may result in a withdrawal of an offer of employment or actual discharge from employment.

Existing PLU employees who become involved in one of the foregoing circumstances have an obligation to advise the university about the conflict. Every effort will be made to resolve the conflict without loss of employment to either employee, however, the university reserves the right to transfer one or both employees, to discharge one or both employees or to demote one or both employees to resolve the conflict. Employees who fail to advise the university of the existence of a family, spousal or dating relationship under one of these circumstances will be subject to discipline, up to and including discharge.