Position Classification

The university uses numerous techniques to classify staff positions, including:

  • participation in and review of salary surveys
  • review by Human Resources and President’s Council
  • consideration of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exempt/nonexempt guidelines
  • input from the relevant department head
  • Human Resources conducts an annual process to review positions within the salary grade structure, and to consider requests relative to the level of existing positions and those positions in which job duties have changed significantly. New positions are evaluated as needed

Supervisors may request a position be re-evaluated to determine whether the position is appropriately classified by submitting a new job description or job analysis questionnaire and a memo documenting the reasons why a re-evaluation is warranted (significant change in job duties due to department reorganization, etc).

If a position is reclassified to a new salary grade, and/or status, the position level will typically be revised at the time of the university’s regular salary changes.