Flexible Time Off

Revised June 2024


In support of the university’s wellness commitments, eligible employees are provided additional time off from work to encourage work-life balance and enhance mental wellbeing. In order to accomplish the objective of providing excellent service while maintaining the benefit of additional time off, employees will receive flexible time off options to be coordinated within their respective areas.


Full-time employees (1.0 annual FTE, 40 hrs/wk) in a benefits eligible status, who accrue leave, are eligible to receive 56 hours (or 7 days) of paid time off during the fiscal year (June 1- May 31). Part-time employees between .50 and .99 FTE, who accrue leave, are also eligible. For part-time employees, this benefit will be prorated based on FTE.

Employees hired in a benefits eligible status will receive this benefit prorated based on the first day of employment.


All scheduled time off should be reported on your time sheet. If you are nonexempt hourly, you will report your hours online choosing “Flexible Time Off – Hourly.” Exempt salaried employees will report their hours online choosing “Flexible Time Off – Salary.” When vacation time is combined with flexible time off in order to take a day away from work, the number of hours of each should be reported. For example, a full-time employee who takes a day off might report 4 hours of vacation time and 4 hours flexible time off.

Time is not required to be earned before it is taken. For a full-time employee, 56 hours will be available for use on June 1 of each fiscal year. All time not taken by May 31 each year is lost and may not be carried forward, nor compensated.


In the event of voluntary termination, flexible time off hours will be prorated based on hours worked within the fiscal year. If the prorated amount of flexible time off hours have been exceeded, PLU will deduct the value of the difference from the final pay. The university does not compensate employees for unused flexible time off at separation of employment.