Accident Reports

In the event of accident or injury on the job, each employee is covered by the Washington State Industrial Insurance Program (Workers’ Compensation). If medical attention is required as a result of such injury, the employee should advise the physician that he or she is covered under the State Industrial Insurance Program so that necessary forms may be processed in the doctor’s office. Failure to accomplish this will necessitate a return trip to the doctor’s office to initiate the form required by the State.

Additionally, any accident on the job should be reported to the Supervisor immediately and, as soon as time permits (when possible, within 24 hours), the Injury Report should be completed and mailed to Human Resources. The form can be found on the Human Resources website. This form helps to provide the information required in processing a claim for insurance. Data from injury reports is compiled and reviewed by the University Safety Committee, and is also used for reporting purposes. Personal information regarding who is injured, for instance, is not shared.