Administrator/Staff Teaching Policy

The opportunity for administrators and staff to occasionally teach a class at PLU allows them to pursue their own professional development, maintain their intellectual interests, and maintain contact with our students in a rigorous academic setting. Carried to excess, however, teaching can interfere with the person’s regular work, could cause doubt as to whether the staff/administrator position is fully necessary, and could be construed as taking courses away from a regular faculty member. It is also the case that for many administrators, the notion of “after hours” is vague.

The purpose of the following policy is to strike a balance among these often competing considerations.


Administrators who teach are limited to a maximum of 4-semester hours during a twelve-month period (June – May) unless otherwise specified as a term or condition of employment. No additional compensation beyond their administrator salary will be given to administrators who teach.

Administrators with Faculty Status

As defined in the Faculty Handbook, these persons are administrators who have voice and vote in the Faculty Assembly. Teaching obligations and expectations may be specified in their letter of appointment. No additional compensation for teaching will be given beyond what is specified in their letter of appointment. In cases where no such terms are specified, these persons will be treated the same as administrators with regard to this policy.


Staff members who teach are limited to no more than 4-semester hours during a twelve-month period (June – May). Additional compensation may be given. Courses and course-related activities must be conducted outside of the staff member’s regular work hours.

The Provost must approve all administrator and staff teaching requests. Teaching is contingent on enrollment, course availability, the support of the person’s immediate supervisor and Vice President, and the support of the appropriate dean. Any exception to the 4-semester hour limit for administrators and staff that is not specified as a condition or term of employment must be approved by the Provost.

Last Modified: October 28, 2014 at 5:43 pm