PLU Help Desk
What We Support

What We Support

For Students

  • Support for connecting personal computers in residence hall rooms to the campus network
  • Computing questions through the student help desk
    • Telephone repairs
    • Assistance for problems with supported software
  • Voicemail support
    • Information provided in handouts and on the web
  • Email/web accounts
    • 30+ gigabytes of Gmail space available for each individual account.
    • 150MB of space for departmental/personal web pages at`<username> to manage a previously created web account.
      • Club accounts are also available upon request by the club's advisor.
  • Training referrals
    • We provide information on training resources
  • Haley Information Center
    • Computers available for general student use. Standard software includes Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox and IE. The Haley Center is open 7 days a week. Hours are available on the help desk home page.

For Faculty and Staff

  • Email / Web Accounts
    • 30+ gigabytes of space is available for each individual account. Additional space is available for academic instruction or research upon request.
  • Networking infrastructure and support
    • Network connections are provided to academic and administrative offices for University-owned computers.
  • Computer purchasing information for departments
    • We provide pricing and configuration research for University standard equipment. Standard hardware includes Dell and Apple computers.
  • Computer repair on University-owned standard computers purchased through User Support.
    • We provide support in the form of troubleshooting problems and repair on campus when possible. Some equipment may need to be sent off-site for repair.
  • Support and consultation on standard operating systems and applications, which include Windows XP, 7 & 8, Microsoft Office applications, and Google Apps for Education.
    • We provide installation and software assistance on the basic functions of the above mentioned operating systems and applications.
  • We provide assistance in the form of telephone support, in-person consultation, instructional workshops, and informational handouts.
    • Supported Browsers:  Firefox 2.x and above and Internet Explorer 6.x and above
      • We provide basic trouble-shooting assistance.  Since no single browser will open every web page, we've provided you with the options of using any of the above-mentioned browsers.
    • Phone and Mobile Device Support
      • We provide software support for email and calendar connections on most mobile devices.  There are some limitations for certain devices, such as Palm PDAs, that will not allow us to set up real-time syncing with Google Calendar.  Minimal time may, as workloads permit, be spent on troubleshooting these devices.
    • Netstor server space
      • PLU's answer to backups of your critical files:  Netstor folders can be created for you on a file server, which is accessible from any computer on campus using your Windows username and password.  Department folders allow for file sharing within the department and permissions can be set to include other individuals within the PLU community.
    • Training
      • We provide training for a number of our supported applications and provide access to online training resources.  Workshops in the basics of our supported software are held throughout each semester.  In addition, small group sessions or individualized training can be organized for those who have specific needs or have small group projects and need assistance.
    • Standard Administrative software systems
    • Campus Telephone repairs
      • Repairs or replacements are made for malfunctioning equipment.  Additional departmental charges may apply depending on damage to the device.
    • Voicemail support
      • Information is provided in the form of consultation and handouts.

      Securing assistance (installation, use and maintenance) on equipment or software not found in the above list is the responsibility of the requesting individual or department. Individuals or departments considering the purchase of non-standard equipment or software are strongly encouraged to purchase service and support contracts. Our department may provide consultation, as time permits. We do not install, configure, repair, or support personally owned hardware or software.