• All Computer and Network Use Policies – A statement on violations & consequences and the individual policies listed below are gathered at this location.
  • General Use Policy – This is the overarching policy that applies to the use of computer-related resources at Pacific Lutheran University.
  • Network Use Policy – This policy applies to all computers connected to the PLU network.
  • Anti-Virus Software Policy – Applies to all individuals who connect a personally owned computer to the PLU network.
  • Administrative Systems Use Policy – Pacific Lutheran University employees, including student workers, must assume responsibility for legal and ethical computer and network use.
  • University Web Policy – The Pacific Lutheran University Web policy applies to all users of PLU Web-related resources.
  • Platform Support Policy – Describes operating systems and software supported by the university.
  • Residential Networking Policy – Describes the terms that must be agreed to before registering a device on the Residential Network.