Network Use Policy

This policy applies to all persons connecting personally-owned computer systems to the Pacific Lutheran University network.

The PLU network includes shared, finite resources installed by the University to promote scholarship and learning for all students. Disruption of the network will deprive others of access to important University resources.

Responsibilities for Personally Owned Computers

To comply with all PLU Computer and Network Use policies, users must:

  • Maintain a valid, regularly updated anti-virus program. (See the anti-virus web page at:;
  • Maintain effective security practices on the personally owned computer system to avoid intentional or unintentional activities from or to any network connection. Included, but not limited to, are attempts to monitor other network connections, hijack connections, spread viruses, spyware, or any other activity which may impact the overall security of the network; and
  • Obtain authorization prior to operating a server on the PLU network. Contact the Help Desk for technical guidance and restrictions.

PLU’s Responsibility for the Network

In service to the greater good of the community, the University commits to:

  • Ensure wherever possible reliable and continuous connections to the PLU network. (System notices for unexpected network events are found at
  • Provide timely responses to requests for assistance in the event of a connection failure
  • Terminate connections at any time if there is a reasonable and necessary requirement to do so to maintain network service to the University.

Updated 8/2006