Haley Information Center

haley The largest concentration of computers for general access is located on the main floor of Mortvedt Library, where the Haley Center provides over 65 workstations for both individual and group study.  Access to electronic information resources and other research activities are available here, in an atmosphere that accommodates private and group interaction, allows immediate access to reference and technology help, and has the relaxing ambiance of a nearby espresso kiosk. Printing is available from the lab computers via our pay-for-printing system.  All students have 100 free copies/prints automatically put on their card at the start of Fall and Spring semesters.  Additional points may be purchased from the concierge desk in the University Center. Three Assistive Technology stations are available in the Haley Center for those students with special needs.  Access to these machines must be approved by Disability Support Services, who will provide the individual with a username and password to log in.  Support for these machines is provided by the help desk.