PLU Voicemail

How to Access Voicemail

There are three ways to get into voicemail:

  1. From a PLU Digital Phone – When the message light is blinking on your phone. By pressing the phone message key, the system automatically dials voicemail (x5000) (South Hall residents will hear a stutter dial tone indicating a message is waiting. You will need to dial x5000 to retrieve your messages).
  2. On Campus – You may dial “5000” and then * from anywhere on campus. You will be prompted for your extension # and password before accessing voicemail.
  3. Off-Campus – dial 253-536-5000. You are prompted for your extension # and password.

Setting up your Voice Mailbox

When you first move into your room, you will need to set up your voice mailbox with a new password and a greeting. With the first entry into your voice mailbox, the system will help verbally step you through the process. The password will be 465883 the first time you access the account. You will then be required to change your password. Systems and Communications does not receive information from the system about what password you may decide to use after you change it. If you forget it or need to change it for other reasons, the system administrator can reprogram it back to the default so you can get back into your voicemail account to change it again. You will need to call x7525 (option 1) to be put on a list to have this done. The process usually takes about 24 hours. Please keep track of your password. There is only one mailbox per phone, so all roommates must share the same voice mailbox and password.

Accessing Your Voice Mailbox After Setup

  1. Dial “5000” into the voice mail system from any campus phone and you will be prompted for your extension number and password. If you are calling from your own phone extension, it will take you straight to your mailbox at this point, only asking for your password.
  2. The system will verbally step you through the process of how to review your messages: replying, erasing, saving, etc. NOTE: Once a message is erased and you have disconnected from that session, the messages cannot be retrieved by the system administrator. If you accidentally erase one you want to save and are still in the session, the system will give you the opportunity to review the erased messages at the end of the session and to re-save them. After 30 days the message will be automatically deleted by the system.

To Change Your Password

  1. Once you are into voicemail, press “3” for phone manager.
  2. Press “1” for personal options.
  3. Press “4” to change your security code.
  4. Enter a new password and press “#”. NOTE: your password must be 6-8 digits long.

To Change Your Greeting

  1. Once you are into voicemail, press “3” for phone manager.
  2. Press “1” for personal options.
  3. Press “3” to change your greeting. Choose which type of greeting you would like to record and continue on, following the directions given by the phone manager.