Computer Security at PLU

Information & Technology Services bears responsibility for maintenance and security of University-purchased computer systems and compliance with software licenses.  In order to do so with least exposure to security threats and with efficient use of human and material resources, we subscribe to “best practices” for system security and we support a standard set of software applications.

Best practices for system security include, but are not limited to:

  • Application of the industry standard principle of ‘least privileges,’ whereby account users are provided the least privilege needed to perform their specific duties.
  • Installation of administrative accounts by our staff for efficient and reliable repair of equipment.
  • Assurance that software patches can be automatically delivered to campus computers.

Standard software applications currently supported include Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Firefox (web browsers), Thunderbird (desktop mail client), and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Non-Standard Software for Academic and/or Administrative Needs

If additional software tools are required, we can assist in the purchase and installation of ‘non-standard’ software (i.e., software not included in the list above).  Personally owned software can be loaded on a computer if the owner can verify he or she holds a license for the software and the need is work related.  A form to request such an installation can be found here.