About Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equity

Harstad Hall
Jessica (Resident of Harstad Hall) “Harstad has taught me how to be more independent in my work. However, it has also taught me that I have a great circle of friends that I can always turn to.”

Gender Equity for All

For women-identified and Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming residents (who are comfortable using women-identified restrooms) with a focus on gender equality, community building, and programming that explores gender and empowers women.

Great For Students Who ...

  • are woman-identified and/or Trans*/Gender Non-Conforming (and comfortably using women-identified bathrooms) seeking a vibrant community experience
  • are interested in gender equity, women’s empowerment, and social justice
  • are seeking a unique and friendly community – winner of the PACURH 2014 Community of the Year award!

Program + Learning Outcomes

By participating in Harstad Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equity, students will:

  • Explore gender as a social identity and how it intersects with other social, biological, and cultural categories such as, but not limited to, race, class, ability, sexual orientation, religion, age, size, and nationality.
  • Be able to articulate what women’s empowerment and gender equity means to them in intersection with their other identities.
  • Empower themselves (and others) to advocate for gender equity and social justice.
  • Identify the ways in which patriarchal oppression affects all genders.

Linked Residence Hall(s)

Harstad Hall

Linked Course for First Year Residents

Connected course(s): First-year Harstad residents will be enrolled in a linked PLUS 100: Transitions to PLU course connected with the Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equity Community.

Example Programs

Below are a few examples of Women’s Empowerment & Gender Equity programs that have occurred in past! If you have an idea for an LC program, contact your Resident Assistant or Community Advocate to see about planning it!

    • Social Justice Sleepover |  A workshop and documentary series addressing various social justice topics in combination with crafts
    • International Womxn’s Open Mic
    • Microaggressions Workshop
    • Fight the Fear | Collaboration with RHC and Gender Equity Center | Self defense and partner based violence
    • Coming Into Your Own Voice | A dialogue about navigating challenging conversations and examining one’s beliefs
    • Womxn’s March Debrief | A discussion about the pros and cons of the Womxn’s March along with how to engage in activism
    • Healthy Relationships Movie Night | A movie screening of Beauty and the Beast and a critical discussion about gender roles and healthy relationships
    • We Need New Names Discussion | A conversation about the common reading book and how it connects to the current political and social climate.
    • J-term Game Month & Lip Sync Battle
    • Harry Potter Movie Marathon and  Hall Decorating Competition
    • All Hall Retreat- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them |  A movie theater was rented for the hall to watch the movie together
    • Halloween Trick or Treating with the Parkland Community
    • Love Your Body Photo Shoot | A photo shoot about body image and self love
    • The Purity Myth | Movie screening and discussion about the different ways society is viewing Planned Parenthood, contraception, and the meaning of rape within the context of a larger political effort to roll back women’s rights.
    • Playdate | Annual all-campus event coordinated by Residence Hall Council


For more information about this Learning Community option contact:

Mickie Gonwick, Community Director for Harstad Hall | gonwickm@plu.edu