About the Global Community

Student surrounded in umbrellas and text reading, "Kreidler Global Hall."
Brian (Senior Student, Former Resident of the International Honors [IHON] Wing) “I love the International Honors Hall because, without paying for a plane ticket, I could visit other cultures and learn how big the world really is.”

Global Experience, Local Address.

The Global Community serves as the hub of international and global engagement education at PLU. It is home to different language and/or culture houses brought together for a common passion for language study and global education. The houses are Chinese, French, Spanish, Global Studies, and International Honors. Students participating in the Global Community receive support when getting ready to study away and a welcoming home to return to after the adventures of study away.

Great For Students Who ...

  • Have ongoing enrollment in coursework in one or more of the five languages and/or language fluency
  • Are heritage speakers of one (or more) of the five languages
  • Are interested in daily use of the House language in designated spaces and active participation in programs
  • Are enrolled in the International Honors (IHON) program
  • Are getting ready to study away and/or returning home after the adventures of study away.

Program + Learning Outcomes

By participating in the Global Community, students will be able to:

  • Improve language proficiency through participating in an immersive environment and interactive programs
  • Demonstrate knowledge about language and culture using a social justice lens, acknowledging the impact of colonization and the ”country of origin” on global languages
  • Articulate a personal perspective on at least one global/international issue, especially related to area of study or vocation
  • Identify meaningful relationships with faculty and staff that support their global and/or language studies

Linked Programs: Language Resource Center

The Language Resource Center is a multimedia center designed to serve as a virtual and physical hub of international studies across the campus of Pacific Lutheran University.

  • Our mission: To provide a welcoming environment and learning resources that facilitate and promote the research and study of the world’s languages and cultures.
  • We have student consultants  available for drop-in help. You are welcome to stop by, join our Zoom room waiting room, or browse through our on-line resources.

Learn more on the Language Resource Center webpage!

Alumni Spotlight:

A former Kreidler resident uses his love of languages as the first ever Interpretive Ranger at Silver Falls State Park!

Read the article in the Statesman Journal.

Community Information

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