Campus Life Mission Statement

The vision of Campus Life is to create opportunities and environments that:

  • Inspire and cultivate joy
  • Champion equity and justice
  • Enrich authentic growth
  • Care for Well being

Campus Life fulfills our vision through our mission:

Campus Life seeks to engage students in co-creating and sustaining radically inclusive communities of belonging, learning, and leadership – for the students and the intersecting communities in which we are rooted

Residential Life Statement of Care and Inclusion

Residential Life at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) is committed to living our mission statement through practicing radical inclusivity as an essential operation of our department. During times of political change and division, we believe every student deserves space where they feel safe, heard, and appreciated. We will continue to support civil discourse intended to deepen our understanding of each other and that champions care over indifference. We will not tolerate behavior that stems from intentions rooted in hate. We will continue to build and nurture inclusive spaces that promote students’ belonging, learning, and enjoyment, especially in solidarity with those identifying with historically marginalized communities.

This department is a welcoming and safe space for undocumented students, Muslim students, and students of color. We will not stand for any discrimination or harassment of any kind to our students.