Departing Campus

Whether you are leaving campus for the summer, graduation, or personal reasons, there are a few details to consider when moving off campus. Students who move out during or at the end of a term should make sure to follow all checkout guidelines listed below for their respective hall.

Canceling Housing

If you are moving out during a semester or mid-year (at the end of Fall), make sure that you have submitted a Housing Cancellation form so that our office can assist you in canceling your housing and meal plan for the remainder of the academic year. 

Students who choose to move off campus but will still be attending PLU should review the Residency Requirement to ensure they are eligible to live off campus. Students who submit a cancellation form or move off campus but are ineligible to live off campus will not have their housing and meal plan canceled and will be referred to Student Conduct. 

Checkout Guidelines

After you have moved all your belongings out of your room and returned your key to our office, a Resident Assistant (RA) will inspect your room. Students who do not checkout by a given deadline, leave personal items in the room, have damages to the room, are missing PLU property (including keys), or do not adequately clean their room are subject to penalty fines. Fines and charges will be billed to the student’s account. See the full list of the Fines and Fee Structure for what an RA will inspect upon your move out. 

Prior to Checking Out

  • Remove all personal belongings from the room
    • Be sure to check all cabinets and drawers in the room for left items
  • Return the beds to “Move-In Formation”
    • Beds should return to the lowest height setting 
  • Make sure all university issued furnishings are in the room
  • Thoroughly clean the room
    • Wash out garbage can and recycling bins
    • Wipe down all surfaces
    • Brooms, vacuums, and mops are available to all students at the front desk (during operating hours)

Note to South Hall Residents

South Hall residents should make sure to clean not only their personal rooms but also all common space areas including kitchen spaces, living room, and bathrooms. Counters, cabinets, and appliances should be clear and wiped down upon moving out.

To complete your move out, you must return your key* to your hall staff using either of the following methods; students have 2 options for checking out of their halls. First year students are required to complete any checkout (including mid-year moves) in person with their RA. 

Checkout with a Resident Assistant (Required for All First Year Students)

  1. Students who plan in advance to move at any point during the year should contact their RA at least 24 hours prior to schedule a checkout appointment. 
    • If you are checking out after 6:00pm, you may also call the RA on duty. 
  2. A checkout appointment typically lasts approximately 15 minutes
  3. When both roommates are checking-out of a room at the same time, they are strongly encouraged to checkout at the same time

If the RA finds any left behind items, dirty surfaces, or the room is not left in move-in formation, the student may rectify these in the moment and not be charged.

Any damages found within the room can be disputed by contacting the Campus Life office directly. 

Express Checkout Process

First Year Students may NOT use this method and are required to schedule a checkout with an RA

  1. Lock your room
  2. Check your mailbox one last time
  3. Pick up an “Express Checkout Envelope” from the front desk of your hall
  4. Follow the instructions on the envelope
  5. Once you have ensured all belongings are removed from your room, place all residential keys* in the envelope 
    • Please do not place your LuteCard in the envelope
  6. Sign and date the envelope, including your PLU ID and Hall/Room assignment
  7. Seal the envelope and slide it under the door of your Hall’s RA room or return it to a staff member in the AUC 161 Suite during operating hours 

Once we have received the envelope, an RA will complete a checkout. Please note that by completing an express checkout, you are waiving your right to rectify or dispute any findings of items, dirty surfaces, damages and/or discrepancies that the RA reports in the checkout confirmation. 

*Notes About Keys

Students assigned to Stuen or Ordal halls do not receive physical keys upon move in. Unless you were given a key by Campus Life due to a faulty card reader, you do not need to return your LuteCard to our office. 

Students who choose to do the Express Checkout option should still sign, date, and deliver the envelope to their hall staff.