Pacific Lutheran University requires that all full-time students live in university housing unless:

  • Living at home with parent, spouse, or child within 25 driving miles of PLU’s address.  (Notarized/certified documentation required).
  • 20 years of age or Junior Status (60 semester hours) on or before September 1 to be exempt for the academic year, or on or before February 1 to be exempt for the spring semester.

Required Documentation

Students living at home with parent, spouse or child within 25 driving miles of PLU’s address must submit notarized/certified documentation.

  • Students living at home with parent within 25 driving miles of PLU must submit a notarized Confirmation of Living at Home Form (COLAH).
  • Students living with a spouse must submit a certified copy of their marriage license and those students living with a child must present a certified birth certificate for the dependent child.

Important Dates and Deadlines

All notarized/certified documents must be received in the Department of Residential Life one day prior to residence hall opening day for the corresponding semester in order to avoid housing charges. This date changes yearly so please refer to Rates and Dates on the Residential Life Website.  A daily housing rate will begin accruing as of residence hall opening day for those students who do not have the proper notarized/certified form on file.   Housing charges will continue to accrue until either the student moves into university housing or submits the proper documentation.  These charges are non-refundable.  Meal Plan charges will also accrue.  Refer to the Campus Restaurants website for additional information.   Students who do not file the proper documentation and/or live in accordance with the University’s Residency Requirement will be referred to the University Student Conduct System for disciplinary action.