South Hall
South Hall

Welcome to South Hall

South Hall is an apartment-style complex, located on the south edge of campus.  The hall has a view of the Olympic Mountains to the west and Mount Rainier to the east.

Learning Communities

South Hall is home to the Upper Division Learning Community.

Upper Division Eligibility and Policies

Students interested in living in an Upper Division Learning Community must be either 20 years old or have achieved 60 credits before September 1 (for the full academic year) or February 1 (for Spring semester).

South Hall residents are not required to have a meal plan and must sign up for one through Dining Services.

Students who are 21 or older may have alcohol in their room under certain guidelines. Please refer to the South Hall Alcohol Policy for more information.

Apply to Live in South Hall

South Hall is a highly sought after building and has a limited number of each apartment type. South Hall assignments are made during Spring semester as a part of the Upper Division Room Selection Process.

Contact Information

Community Director:
Lorance Washington Jr.

CD Contact Number:

CD Email:

Front Desk:

Mailing Address

Student Name
South Hall, Student Room Number
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA  98447

Hall Amenities

  • Wifi available throughout the building 
  • Centralized laundry room
  • Multiple lounge spaces 
    • A large main lounge with comfortable seating and study tables
    • A smaller lounge with ping pong table
  • Front desk (limited operating hours)  
    • Mail services will deliver envelopes and packages to the hall front desk for convenient pick up
    • Students may check out cleaning (mops, vacuums, brooms) and cooking  (pots/pans) supplies as needed
  • Fitness Room
  • Elevator and stair access to all floors of the building

Apartment Styles

South Hall has a single and multi-bedroom apartment layouts including:

  • Studios of varying sizes [categorized into Studio A, B, and C based on square footage]
  • One, two, and five bedroom townhouses
  • Two and four bedroom apartments

Apartment type costs can be found on our Rates and Dates page.

Married Housing

The Lofts in our apartment style residence hall, South Hall, offer housing for students who are married.  Family student housing is unfortunately not available. Assignments are typically made in February for the following Academic Year.  If you are either married or planning on getting married, email us at with your questions.

South Hall Apartment student studying
South Hall Room student studying