Upper Division Housing Application Process

We are excited for your interest in Upper Division housing! For more information you can contact the Department of Campus Life at rlif@plu.edu or 253-535-7200.  Family housing is not currently an option at PLU.

Upper Division applications for the 2023-24 academic year are due by 11:59pm (PST) on February 15, 2023. Applications received after that time will be considered in the order they are received and are not priority point eligible.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to live in Upper Division learning communities, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 20 years old or Junior standing by September 1st for academic year housing or February 1st for Spring housing
  • Be in good standing with PLU Student Rights and Responsibilities

Upper Division Learning Community Application Process

  • Review the Housing Guides 
    • The Housing Guides are available online on our documents page.
    • South Hall- South Hall Housing Guide.
    • Harstad Hall- Traditional Hall Housing Guide.
  • Submit a Learning Community Application online on our documents page:
    • Upon completing your Learning Community Application, you will receive a copy of your submission via email.  Save this email for your records.
    • Applications received after the deadline will be considered in the date/time order they are received at the Department of Campus Life.  NO Priority Points will count.
  • Students applying for married housing should follow the steps above and then contact the Department of Campus Life at rlif@plu.edu or 253-535-7200.
  • Students who apply after the set deadline are still welcome to apply and may be placed on a waitlist until space becomes available.

Upper Division learning communities are located in Harstad Hall and South Hall.

Harstad Hall

Harstad Hall is the most historic building on campus, named after PLU’s founder Bjug Harstad. Harstad Hall has some of the largest rooms on campus, with varying room sizes that add character to the five story hall. The hall is conveniently located between the library and University Center. Rooms in Harstad hall have been converted to single rooms and houses approximately 90 residents. This is the only traditional style residence hall where visitation is not limited, and eligible students may have alcohol in their rooms.

Upper Division learning communities tends to be more quiet than other halls, and its residents have the same type of independence that South Hall or off-campus residences offer, yet still provides the traditional-hall on-campus experience. Because of its well equipped kitchens, Harstad residents are eligible for a reduced meal plan.

Harstad Hall is a mixed-gendered hall with gendered bathrooms and shower facilities. If you identify as Trans*/Gender Non-Conforming and have concerns, please reach out to Campus Life.

South Hall

South Hall is an apartment style hall with private bathrooms in each apartment. Limited married housing units are available upon request and availability at the time of the request. Family housing is not available at PLU.

The hall has a view of the Olympic Mountains to the west and Mount Rainier to the east. The main lounge opens to a courtyard, providing a large gathering area. There is also a beautiful front lawn, which is used to host BBQs and provides a space to study in the sun! In addition, South Hall provides alternative choices to the regular residence halls, for example, South is the only hall on campus providing married student housing.

Upper Division Housing Application Process Timeline (Applying for 2023-2024)

February 15th (11:59 pm) – Applications Due*

Last week of February – Department of Campus Life staff will process applications and start making apartment type assignments based on priority points and eligibility – an email notification will be sent before the end of February to inform students which upper division hall they have been assigned to and next steps with the apartment and room selection events.

South Hall final apartment assignments will be emailed to students by March 15th. Harstad Hall residents will participate in the Room Selection Event in mid-April to select their specific Upper Division single room in Harstad.

Students not able to attend the event and are sent an approval email will be given the option to select a proxy to select the apartment for them.

March 31st (11:59 pm) –  South Hall Fall Cancellation Deadline (rates variable)

Students who wish to cancel their South Hall Fall assignment must submit a housing cancellation form prior to this date or receive a cancellation fee on their student account.

*Students who are interested in South Hall and apply after the deadline will be placed on a waitlist until space becomes available.

What if I do not get an offer for an Upper Division Hall?

Students who are not offered a place in an Upper Division Hall will be placed on a waitlist for each of their listed preferences.  This waitlist is used from April throughout the 2023-2024 academic year.

Students who are still interested in housing will have the same Learning Community Application held for the Room Selection Event, if a student wishes to change their preferences they may re-submit another application – this will NOT effect their placement on the waitlist.

If I currently live in South Hall will I be guaranteed to live in South Hall again the next academic year?

Students who are currently assigned to a South Hall apartment will have the option to keep their apartment for the 2023-2024 academic year. Please note that in order for students to keep their apartment, 50% of their apartment must agree to keep the apartment. Students who choose to keep their apartment must keep their exact apartment for the next academic year and will not have the opportunity to apply to a different style of apartment.

What if I want to switch bedrooms with someone I am currently living in the same apartment?

If you wish to switch bedroom assignments with your current roommate(s), this can be done by emailing Residential Life and explaining the change you wish to be made. All requests must be mutual. If you would like to view a floor plan before requesting a bedroom change please contact Residential Life (AUC 161).

How do meal plans work in South Hall?

There is not a Meal Plan requirement for students who live in South Hall.  Students are able to elect to sign up for a meal plan if they wish to.  If a student moves during the academic year from a Traditional Hall to South Hall they will need to cancel their Meal Plan if they do not wish to have one.  Meal Plan webpage.

What if I need to cancel my South Hall assignment?

All students are required to cancel their housing assignments through the Housing Cancellation Form, students assigned to South Hall for the next academic year will need play close attention to the Housing Cancellation Fee Schedule as their cancellation penalties vary depending on apartment type (can be found in the South Hall Housing Guide, on our Documents page.)

When does South Hall Fall Move-In Begin?

Residence Hall opening will be a scheduled event this coming year so please continue to check your PLU email in the Summer. Typical opening starts on the Friday before classes.

Will there the option for roommates in Harstad Hall?

Harstad Hall will have four Upper Division Double rooms located on the first floor of Harstad Hall for an Upper Division-double rate. These rooms were previously triple rooms and are significantly larger in size. The Upper Division-double rate will be slightly lower than the Upper Division single rate.

Are Harstad residents eligible for a reduced meal plan?

Yes. As a part of the Upper Division learning community, Harstad residents will be eligible for the reduced Meal Plan E option. Harstad residents may not opt out of having a meal plan but will have the choice of a smaller, dining-dollars only meal plan. Please review the Meal Plan Descriptions page for more information.