The journey of a lifetime

You and your roommate are about to embark on one of the most interesting adventures of your life! On-campus living may be the most unique and rewarding part of your college experience, and getting to know your roommate is where it all begins. Whether you and your future roommate are already friends, simply acquaintances, or total strangers, we think you’ll agree that you’ll remember your roommate relationship(s) for a lifetime.

Sharing your home

The residence hall staff in your building is trained to create a living environment that is clean, safe, fun, respectful and conducive to the studying you’ll need to do. Their job includes helping you acclimate to sharing your home. They can help you put the ideas in this guide into practice; lend a listening ear; or simply hang out with the gang and enjoy the fun activities living on-campus provides.

Living in Community Learning Outcomes

By living with a roommate and/or on a floor community at PLU, you will be able to….

  • Work proactively towards a healthy roommate and/or floor relationship
  • Identify and express your needs for living in a safe and healthy environment
  • Set boundaries in living situations and environments
  • Effectively manage and deal with conflict
  • Learn to ask the right questions and listen attentively

Your rights as part of the residence hall community

Roommates have some inherent rights that need to be respected at all times. These rights extend beyond the walls of the room and into the residence hall, helping to foster a healthy community for everyone. A respectful community begins with respecting yourself and your roommate. Roommate Rights and Responsibilities.

Selection process

To secure your spot at PLU, new students must submit their $200 Enrollment Deposit and Housing application online at plu/bealute. Once submitted, the Department of Residential Life will notify students of their assigned residence hall.

Our professional staff members carefully review Student Roommate Questionnaires to create the best roommate matches. Specific roommate requests are available, however the requests must be mutual and both students must be assigned to the same hall before we can guarantee a match. During the last week in July the roommate assignment will be emailed to you.

Contacting your roommate before arriving at PLU

Breaking the ice before you both arrive on campus is a great idea. It will help you establish rapport – the beginning of any good relationship. A text or phone call will give you a chance to have a conversation. If you don’t know your roommate, that’s ok; ask questions about hobbies, music, sleeping and eating styles. If you know your roommate, ask questions relevant to the new experience of living together. Living with an acquaintance or a friend requires just as much effort to create a positive living situation for both of you as it does with someone new.