PLUf, Monday, Oct. 24, 2016. (Photo: John Froschauer/PLU)
Stuen Hall

Welcome to Stuen Hall!

Stuen offers more privacy, independence and a discounted rate for upper division residents. Stuen tends to be more quiet than other halls, and its residents have the same type of independence that South Hall or off-campus residences offer, yet still provides the traditional-hall on campus experience.

Learning Communities

Stuen Hall is home to the Upper Division Learning Community.

Beginning Fall 2023, Stuen Hall with house the Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equity Community.


Stuen Hall is located on upper campus and is next to Hauge Administration building. In either direction, students can easily access Ingram Hall or the Library. Not too far away, students can make late night runs to the University Center at OMM or can enjoy a concert at the Mary Baker Russel Music Center.

Upper Division Eligibility

Students interested in living in an Upper Division Learning Community must be either 20 years old or have achieved 60 credits before September 1 (for the full academic year) or February 1 (for Spring semester).

Stuen Hall residents are eligible to choose a reduced Meal Plan E.

Students who are 21 or older may have alcohol in their room under certain guidelines. Please refer to the Stuen Hall Alcohol Policy for more information.

Contact Information

Community Director:
Dream Gonzales

CD Contact Number:


Front Desk:

Mailing Address

Student Name
Stuen Hall, Student Room Number
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA  98447

Hall Amenities

  • Wifi available throughout the building 
  • Centralized laundry room
  • Communal kitchens throughout the hall with microwave, stove/oven, and refrigerator
  • Front desk (limited operating hours)  
    • Mail services will deliver envelopes and packages to the hall front desk for convenient pick up
    • Students may check out cleaning (mops, vacuums, brooms) and cooking  (pots/pans) supplies as needed
  • Gender-inclusive bathroom facilities that feature increased privacy with stall dividers extending nearly from floor to ceiling
  • Lounges with seating and large TVs
  • Game room in the basement
  • Tap card access to resident rooms

Room Furnishings

Rooms will be set up in a single-double configuration and come furnished with the following furniture

  • One twin-XL mattresses and bedframes
    • Option to loft bed 
  • Two desks with chairs
  • Two built in bookshelves
  • Two dressers with shared vanity
  • Two closets
  • One trash and two recycle bins

Room Styles

Stuen rooms are all single-double occupancy rooms, meaning that they are designed for two students but have only one student occupying the room. All Stuen rooms are billed at the upper division room rate listed on our Rates and Dates page.

Bed made into couch in Stuen Hall room.
Stuen Hall Furnished Room
Stuen Hall Lounge Space