About Community for Creative Expression

Student pointing towards text that reads "Hinderlie Community for Creative Expression."
Marley (Second Year Student, Resident of Hinderlie Community for Creative Expression) “I love that, in Hinderlie, I can walk down the hall and say ‘Hi’ and talk to almost everyone I pass because I actually know the people I live with.”

Creativity and Innovation Across Disciplines.

The Community for Creative Expression (CCE) challenges students to explore the meaning of creativity and innovation in our world and promotes creativity as a mechanism of expression, activism, leadership and reflection. CCE collaborates with faculty from a wide variety of disciplines to celebrate and explore creativity and expression in diverse forms, including the visual and performing arts, science, business, education, and more!

Great For Students Who ...

  • Consider themselves creative and want to learn more about this topic
  • Love the arts and/or identify as a visual and/or performing artist
  • Are interested in creativity and innovation across a wide variety of academic disciplines
  • Love dancing, paint, doodling, music, acting, writing, building, and more

Learning Community Location and Linked Courses

The Community for Creative Expression is homed in Hinderlie Hall.

Connected course(s): First-year Hinderlie residents will be enrolled in a linked PLUS 100: Transitions to PLU course connected with the Community for Creative Expression.

Program + Learning Outcomes

By participating in Community for Creative Expression, students will be able to:

  • Articulate what creativity means in their own terms, as it relates to their chosen academic field of study
  • Identify diverse ways to engage in “everyday creativity” in order to cultivate creativity as a lifelong practice or vocation
  • Demonstrate critical reflection on personal identity and social justice through creative expression
  • Appreciate and engage in diverse forms of creative expression: interpersonal (cultural), intrapersonal (journaling), linguistic (writing, speech), spatial (graphic art, design,), music, kinesthetic (body, dance), logical (pattern making, problem-solving), leadership (transformational, improvisational, collective)

Linked Programs: Innovation Studies Makerspace

The Innovation Studies program sponsors a Makerspace in Hinderlie Hall to support creativity, our curriculum, and student involvement across campus.

Our Makerspace is open in the ground floor of Hinderlie Hall on upper campus to all students.

Learn more on the Makerspace webpage!

Example Programs

Below are a few examples of programs that have occurred in Hinderlie in the past! If you have an idea for a wing or hall program, contact your Resident Assistant or Community Advocate to see about planning it!

  • Splash of Creativity | Welcoming event to Hinderlie including the creation of a hall art project
  • Where Do Ideas Come From? | Faculty led discussion about the origin of ideas
  • The Psychology of Creativity | Faculty led presentation/creative workshop about different types of creativity and how to maximize creative potential.


For more information about this Learning Community option contact:

Andrew Corse, Community Director for Hinderlie, Kreidler, and Harstad Halls | corseap@plu.edu