2021-2022 Meal Plan is Here!

AYCTE meal periods (Sun-Fri and Sunday Brunch) is back!*

You’ll notice the Meal Plan has reverted to the AYCTE model — the overhead charge and unit discounts will not be part of the plan for 2021-22.

*Please note that due to State Phases and PLU Stages, plans may change, but the 2021-22 meal plan overall cost will remain as posted.

Use the GET app for ordering ahead


Download the GET app here



And the GET app will still be available for Old Main Market!

Campus Restaurant Closures

Campus Restaurants will be run minimal hours or be shut down during Thanksgiving, Christmas, J-Term and Spring Breaks.

These specific dates are determined by the current PLU academic calendar.

Meal Plan Questions?

Email: mealplan@plu.edu

Residential Meal Plan Requirement

If you have an active on-campus housing assignment, you are required to also have a meal plan (unless you live in South Hall).

Meal Plan E is only for residents in Stuen and South Hall or off-campus students.

How Your Meal Plan Works for 2021-2022

  • The Residential Meal Plan is a combination of a declining balance plan (Dining Dollars) and All-You-Care-To-Eat meal periods.
  • When you purchase your meal plan, Dining Dollars funds are loaded onto your LuteCard.
    • Like a debit account, Dining Dollars in your meal plan account are deducted when you make food purchases. To make a purchase, swipe your LuteCard at a cash register, or order through the GET mobile app.
    • Dining Dollars will roll over each semester and expire the last day of classes in Spring.
  • A la Carte Meal Periods: Monday-Saturday breakfast and lunch and Saturday dinners — during these periods, every food item has an individual price.
  • All-You-Care-to-Eat (AYCTE) Meal Periods: Monday–Friday dinners and all day Sunday
    • Unlimited AYCTE with Meal Plans A-D allow students to enter The Commons as many times as they like during AYCTE periods.
  • Meal plans are non-transferable.

With the exception of Stuen and South Hall residents, students with an active housing assignment must enroll in one of the following four meal plans: A, B, C or D. Stuen residents must enroll in one of the following five plans: A, B, C, D or E. South Hall residents and commuter students may purchase a meal plan, but it is not required. You are encouraged to purchase Dining Dollars which can be added in any increment and are not subject to sales tax (but they still expire the last day of classes in May).

Note: All Dining Dollar purchases are sales tax exempt.

MEAL PLAN A 2021-22

This plan is intended for the student that will spend the majority of their time on campus. It is great for students who are heavier eaters.
SemesterDining DollarsAYCTESemester Cost
Annual Total:$6487

MEAL PLAN B 2021-22

Meal Plan B
$2757 Fall & Spring with $1075 Dining Dollars$638 J-Term with $288 Dining Dollars
When you have an active housing assignment (other than South Hall), you are automatically enrolled in this plan. This plan is designed for the student who eats many of their meals on campus.
Includes Dining Dollars and unlimited access during AYCTE periods.
SemesterDining DollarsAYCTESemester Cost
Annual Total:$6152

MEAL PLAN C 2021-22

This plan is sufficient for many students who might be termed "middle of the road" eaters.
Includes Dining Dollars and unlimited access during AYCTE periods.
SemesterDining DollarsAYCTESemester Cost
Annual Total:$5910

MEAL PLAN D 2021-22

This plan is designed for the light eater who may enjoy smaller quantities or who may not spend all of their time on campus.
Includes Dining Dollars and unlimited access during AYCTE periods.
SemesterDining DollarsAYCTESemester Cost
Annual Total:$5087

MEAL PLAN E 2021-22

Stuen, South Hall and Off-Campus Meal Plans
This meal plan is designed for students residing in Stuen, South Hall or off-campus and is Dining Dollars only. Having a meal plan makes it easy to nurture connections on campus and socialize with friends. Being a student is complicated — don’t worry about your next meal, we have a variety of healthy options waiting. Use Dining Dollars if you want to enjoy an AYCTE meal with friends.
SemesterDining DollarsAYCTESemester Cost
Annual Total:$1317

About Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are exempt from State Sales Tax and are accepted at  all Campus Restaurants. They may be used for food purchases only. You can add tax exempt Dining Dollars through the GET app ($2.75 fee), online (charge to student account) or at Old Main Market.

Your Dining Dollar balance carries over from Fall to Spring and expires the last day of Spring term. Be sure to budget your Dining Dollars to make sure they last through the semester. Here is a helpful chart to help with week to week balance checking.