The Green Box Program is Suspended

as we modify service to fit the COVID-19 framework

The program will return when we the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Why did we change our to-go policy?

In response to feedback we received, we replaced the disposable to go containers with a reusable container.  This furthers our sustainability efforts with our partnership with all of PLU as we strive towards zero waste and support the sustainability goals of PLU.

Is this a permanent part of the Dining Plan?

Yes! Your feedback is vital to our the success of the program. Email us at

How do I get started?

Get started at the dining halls by requesting a Green Box to-go and paying $5.00 with dining dollars, cash or credit card at check out.

How does it work?

  1. When you want to eat to-go in The Commons, ask the server for a reusable to-go container.
  2. Pay $5.00 for the container at the cashier with dining dollars, cash or credit card. (Note: next time, you will redeem your token as payment.)
  3. When finished with food rinse or wipe out the container.
  4. Drop your used box off at any cashier in The Commons and redeem your container for a token that can be used on your next take out purchase.

What if I don't have a token?

If you do not have a token you may purchase the container for $5.00 with your dining dollars, cash or credit card.

What if I want a second container?

If you would like to purchase a second reusable container, you may do so for $5.00 with your dining dollars, cash or credit card at the checkout.

Can I redeem my token for cash?

No, you may not redeem tokens for cash.

Why can't I just re-use my container without redeeming it for a token?

For health and safety concerns only clean and sanitized containers may be used in the service area. By returning containers for proper cleaning you are protecting the safety of everyone who dines with us. For the same reason we ask that you do not use your own containers.

What happens if I forget my container in my room?

You will have two options if you forget your to go container.  One, you can pay the $5 for another reusable to go container or you can return to your room and bring the used container and receive a clean one at no charge.

What happens at the end of the year?

You may keep your token for to use with the Green Box Program next year. You may turn your token in to a cashier if you’re leaving PLU.