J-Term Meal Plans

J-Term is a source of much confusion for first-year students. If you have any questions at all, call the Hospitality Services & Campus Restaurants office at 253-535-7472, or e-mail us at mealplan@plu.edu!

On-Campus for J-Term

If you are on campus for J-Term, and NOT taking a J-Term Away class,  you must have a meal plan just like Fall and Spring Semesters. If you want to choose a plan other than the default for J-Term (Meal Plan B), you can do it through the Quick Links on the right-hand side of this page.

Off-Campus for J-Term

  1. I will  be on-campus LESS than 7 days in J-term:

If you live on-campus fall semester, you’ll have an active J-Term housing assignment until you cancel it. Even though you are not billed for J-Term Housing, you still need to cancel your housing. If you do have an active J-Term housing assignment you’ll be billed for a meal plan.

      • You don’t have to sign up for a meal plan.
      • Let the Residential Life Office know you’re going to be gone by completing a J-Term Housing Cancellation Form.
      • You can leave your stuff in your room (as long as you’re returning for Spring)!
      • Residential Life will deactivate your J-Term housing — this doesn’t change your Spring housing assignment at all.
      • If you don’t cancel your housing, you’ll be charged for a meal plan and there is no refund.
      • Your existing J-Term meal plan will be cancelled along with your housing.
      • Fall Dining Dollars rollover into J-Term and Spring, so you can use them to cover any days you’re on campus (or add more if you need them).

2. I am taking a J-term Away class AND I will be on-campus MORE than 7 days in J-term:

      • You are REQUIRED to have a meal plan BUT . . .
      • You are eligible for the J-Term Away Meal Plan.
      • After J-Term registration is complete, you’ll receive an email from mealplan@plu.edu asking if you would like the J-Term Away meal plan.
      • J-Term Away meal plan is $175 and it is all Dining Dollars.
      • J-Term Dining Dollars will rollover into Spring and expire the last day of classes in May.
      • If you want a regular meal plan, you can always sign up for one, but it isn’t recommended.