Old Main Market

Conveniently located in the University Center, this is where you can find the widest variety on campus. There’s the Espresso Bar where you can get a cup of tea from Republic of Tea, any variety of espresso drink, a smoothie or chai.

You can do some quick shopping to stock up on some of the essentials for your room—cereal, milk, cookie dough or a bag of salad mix—all using your Dining Dollars. It’s a great way to replace some of those meals you just can’t make in to. That late night craving can be taken care of here too, candy bars, energy drinks, ice cream and granola can all be found late every night.

You can also find personal care items, PLU shirts and Nalgenes, or a last-minute birthday card and maybe a new pack of note cards. If you want the convenience of finding what you need right here on campus, Old Main Market is the place to go.

Ordering Process

OMM has the option of ordering online through the GET app and you choose the most convenient pickup time for you.

OMM also has the option of in-store shopping and ordering with contactless payment equipment.

What Do You Need To Know?

Located on upper campus just inside the main entrance to the University Center, Old Main Market is the easiest place on campus to get something quick and easy. Dining Dollars can be used on any food item in the Market and you can find hot & cold sandwiches, candy, ice cream or a hot bowl of noodles along with your essential shot of espresso.

Accepted Payment Methods: Dining Dollars, LuteBucks, All Major Credit Cards


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