Frequently Asked Questions


I have a food allergy. Who do I talk with for help navigating the Commons, especially AYCTE meals?

Please contact our main office at 253-535-7472 to schedule a meeting with our Sous Chefs to talk about how we can help you.

Where do I find the housing contract?

The housing contract is done through Residential Life. You can find it on their housing page here.

How and where do I find Send a Smile?

You may place your order through the Garfield Book Company website here.

The cashier told me that my card is unacceptable. Why, and what do I do about it?

Cards must not have any cracks, breaks, holes or adhesive in or on them, it compromises the integrity of the card and our machines. Also your picture must be visible so it is easy to identify your features, this is for your safety so someone cannot use your meals. Contact the Campus Concierge Desk for a new ID. A replacement fee of $5.00 will be charged as long as you produce your current card.

Meal Plan

Can I change my meal plan?

You may change or cancel your meal plan up to 5pm the day before the meal plan contract starts. Specific dates may be found on the meal plan contract. After that time you may only change to a plan with more meals per week.

What are the start and end dates for the meal plan by semester?

These are always listed on the contract when you “Change or Add Your Meal Plan”, you can find it under “Quick Links” on our Meal Plan page.

How do I cancel my meal plan?

You can do it very easily online, click on “Cancel Your Meal Plan” under “Quick Links” on our Meal Plan page.

Dining Dollars

How do I add Dining Dollars?

You can add Dining Dollars up until April 30th. To do so online and charge them to you student account, please visit our Dining Dollar page and you’ll find the link to purchase them with your student account under “Quick Links”.  If you’d like to charge them to your debit/credit card, please visit the Concierge in the Anderson University Center.

The prices seem really high and I am worried I will run out of Dining Dollars by the end of the semester

This is probably the most common concern among Meal Plan patrons. The Dining Dollar program was designed to get you through the semester with nutritionally balanced meals, but you need to do your part in budgeting. Please remember to take into account the meals you don’t plan to eat on campus, the pizza party you’re attending on Saturday with a group or the weekends you go home or that Wednesday night dinner off-campus. Also remember that Dining Dollars are designed to purchase a nutritionally sound meal and not necessarily meant to purchase groceries or lattes.

What is my Dining Dollar balance?

The best way to find your Dining Dollar balance is to ask a cashier in any of the campus restaurants. You may also call the Concierge at 253-535-7411.

Meal & Menus

Sick meals are designed to appeal to ill students that may be in need of hydration and electrolyte replacement. Meals are very basic and consist of soup, Gatorade, Sprite, saltine crackers, and applesauce. You can go here to request a meal and learn more about them.

Sick meals are designed to appeal to ill students that may be in need of hydration and electrolyte replacement. Meals are very basic and consist of soup, Gatorade, Sprite, saltine crackers, and applesauce. You can go here to request a meal and learn more about them.

During an Unlimited Access all-you-care-to-eat meal period, can I get as much as I want on my first visit to the line?

Students are encouraged to take a reasonable amount of food — “take what you want, but please eat what you take.” By not over-portioning and creating nutritionally balanced plates, we are taking one of the biggest steps towards reducing waste. Most of our business comes at peak meal periods and our chefs are preparing food in smaller batches to offer you the best quality and freshest food possible. If you would like additional food, you are welcome to go back for seconds after you have eaten your initial serving. Don’t forget that these meal periods are Unlimited Access—you can come back into The Commons as many times as you’d like, so come back later or when there are less lines.

There does not seem to be much variety, is the dinner menu the same every night?

The dinner menu does change around from night to night and we run a four week rotation with regular changes happening in there too. Crave will features a different Monterey Bay Fish choice every night and you will see some “comfort food” choices here too, pot roast, mashed potatoes, and fried chicken to name a few. Aglio is always changing pizzas, and there is a wide variety of bowl options available for dinner. Cross Cultures will change on a nightly basis also. Good Things serves custom made deli sandwiches every night.

What do I do if I cannot make it to an all-you-care-to-eat meal period?

We offer a Meal Away program for people who have commitments that overlap with an all-you-care-to-eat meal period. Go online to to order your meal. You must provide 24 hours notice, your meal will be ready for you to pick up at the Good Things line in The Commons during the pick up time you specify.

Is there someone to talk with if I encounter a problem with service or food during a Dining Service meal?

Yes. Ask any worker to point you in the direction of the Manager on duty. Our team of Managers and Student Managers is here to serve you and will be happy to listen to any concerns you might have. You may also email us directly at or call our main office at 535-7472.