Dining Dollars Budget

Having Dining Dollars as part of your meal plan now means that you will have to keep track of how many dollars you have throughout the semester.

Here is a chart to give you an idea of where you need to be with your Dining Dollars amount quarterly throughout the term. Keep in mind that the chart is calculated using 6 days in a week since the 7th day (Sunday) is AYCTE all day long.

Keep an eye on this chart and every time you purchase something with your Dining Dollars, you should be able to see your balance. Come here to compare and make sure you’re on target to make it to the end of the term with your Dining Dollars:

2023-2024 Budget chart
2024-25 Dining Dollars budget chart

The Dining Dollar program was designed to get you through the semester with nutritionally balanced meals, but you need to do your part in budgeting.

Please remember to take into account the meals you don’t plan to eat on campus, the pizza party you’re attending on Saturday with a group or the weekends you go home or that dinner off-campus with friends.

Also remember that Dining Dollars are designed to purchase a nutritionally sound meal and once you start adding in snacks and coffees, your balance will deplete quicker.