Ordal Hall

Welcome to Ordal!

We’re a big hall, with a big heart and a community that feels like family, and we’re excited you’re interested in being a part of our community!

Hall Features:
Some highlights of Ordal are the bay windows in our rooms, lounges with plenty of space to hang out and study, and kitchens on every floor.

Location, location, location:
Ordal is just steps away from the Admin building, Lagerquist, Mary Baker Russell Music building, and a quick walk to the library!

Ordal Hall Information

  • WiFi available throughout the building
  • Centralized study rooms are available
  • The laundry room is centralized
  • A fireplace is located in the main lounge
  • A big screen TV and games area are available to the residents
  • Swipe access to rooms

Contact Information

Community Director:
Dhaval Patel
(pronounced THE-vull)

CD Contact Number:


Front Desk:

Mailing Address

Student Name
Ordal Hall, Student Room Number
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA  98447