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Welcome to Ordal!

We’re a big hall, with a big heart and a community that feels like family, and we’re excited you’re interested in being a part of our community!

Hall Features:
Some highlights of Ordal are the bay windows in our rooms, lounges with plenty of space to hang out and study, and kitchens on every floor.

Location, location, location:
Ordal is just steps away from the Admin building, Lagerquist, Mary Baker Russell Music building, and a quick walk to the library!

Renovations and improvements include:

  • Card access on new resident room doors – no more room keys!
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Moveable desks and chairs in each room
  • Overhead LED lights in resident rooms – improved lighting and energy efficiency
  • Fresh paint and new flooring
  • Fully renovated bathrooms with increased privacy and heated floors
  • New common area furniture
  • Renovated open floor plan on the first floor kitchen
  • Open floor plan kitchens on 2nd and 3rd floors
  • The lounges on the 3rd floor will incorporate the balcony area and increase the overall square footage
  • Steel plates reinforcing the walls to significantly improve safely should an earthquake happen in the region


Ordal Hall Information

  • WiFi available throughout the building
  • Centralized study rooms are available
  • The laundry room is centralized
  • A fireplace is located in the main lounge
  • A big screen TV and games area are available to the residents

Upcoming Ordal and Stuen Events

Click below to see upcoming Ordal and Stuen Events

Ordal remodel at PLU on Monday, Aug. 17, 2015. (Photo: John Froschauer/PLU)
Contact Information

Community Director:
Dhaval Patel

(pronounced THE-vull)

CD Contact Number:


Front Desk:

Ordal Unfurnished Room
Ordal Unfurnished room
Ordal Furnished room
Ordal Furnished room

Have Fun Where You Live!

Our Residence Hall Council (RHC) has fun throughout the year putting on great events for the hall and the campus. The Spring Soiree is a fun study break during spring, and one of the many events we put on each year. Want to make your community feel even more like home? Join the RHC and help put on great events and gain leadership skills!