Housing Between Semesters

Students who do not have alternative housing options between academic terms can apply for housing extensions or placements during short and long-term breaks.

PLU offers housing for enrolled students for both summer and winter break. These are charged at a daily rate and students may choose to stay on campus for the entirety or only a portion of these breaks. Students must apply for all break housing options via the corresponding applications for the appropriate break housing they are seeking.All break housing is granted on an approval basis and will be determined through the application process.

PLU offers the following break housing options:

  • Extended Stay is an opportunity for students to request a one day extension after either the Fall or Spring semesters’ initial closing.  Extended Stay and Winter Break Housing is an opportunity for students to request an extension after either the Fall or Spring semesters’ initial closing.
  • Summer Housing between June and early August. Summer housing is overseen by Hospitality Services.
  • Early Arrival Housing occurs between mid-August through the day before Fall Opening
  • Winter Break Housing occurs between the end Fall semester through the day before J-term Opening.

Current Break Housing

Summer Housing is overseen by Hospitality Services. Please contact events@PLU.edu for information summer housing.

Early Arrival Housing

Early Arrival Housing is a designated time after Summer Housing closes to the day before Fall Move-In that students may apply to move into their residence hall prior to our official Fall opening. 

Eligibility: Students who would like to move onto campus prior to PLU’s official Move-in date must be approved by Campus Life to move in early. Reasons for an approved early arrival include:

  • On-Campus Employment
  • Student Athletic Training
  • Student Leadership
  • International Student Orientation
  • Personal Reasons

If you are a part of a PLU affiliated group, all early arrival arrangements will be made through your coach/advisor/supervisor with no additional cost to the student.

Students requesting non-PLU connected activity early arrival will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for early arrival approval. Students who are approved will be charged a daily housing rate from the day they arrive through the end of Early Arrival housing. This rate may change each year; the daily rate during Summer 2022 was $16.00 

For more information, please contact earlif@PLU.edu

Early Arrival Housing 2023

Early Arrival Housing begins on August 15th and is offered until when the halls open for Fall 2023 on August 31, 2023. Students wishing to arrive before August 15th must request housing with Summer Housing, as our office will not approve any requests prior to August 15th.

The Early Arrival period is an extremely busy time for our office. Early Arrival requests take approximately 72  business hours to coordinate. Students who submit early arrival requests for next day arrival may be required to find alternative housing options if our staff is unable to process your request the day of your submission.

Students who have PLU commitments that require them to be on-campus will not be charged for the duration of their stay but the request needs to be made by their supervisor.  Students who need housing during this time and are not collaborating with PLU will be charged a daily rate similar to Summer Housing.

If you are not a student that falls within the groups listed, your request will need to be specific and falling within need based circumstances as PLU does not allow for early arrival of students without a critical need.

Students requesting for Early Arrival housing must have a Fall Term housing assignment.

All Summer Housing requests need to be made with Hospitality Services: Summer Housing webpage.