About New Transfer and Continuing Student Communities

Student holding multiple ribbons: "Live on-campus all four years"
Francisco (Former Resident of Kreidler Hall) “I love living [on campus] because it offers an individualized space for me to live and I’ve found friends within my hall.”

Welcome Home & Welcome Back! Transitioning Through PLU.

Learning Communities are an integral component of the PLU experience, adding to the learning that happens both in the classroom and beyond the classroom. New Transfer and Continuing Student communities are designed specifically for students beyond their first year as they transition through PLU, addressing questions relating to choosing a major, vocational discernment, and place at PLU. These communities are staffed by returning student leaders who want to help you navigate resources, deepen your involvement on-campus, and continue to build your home at PLU. While new transfer and returning student have a similar experience all across campus, each these communities intersect with other Learning Community themes to add a unique community experience.

Great For Students Who ...

  • Have questions related to declaring a major, discerning a vocation, and/or beginning to identify career options
  • Are looking to get involved and/or deepen their involvement in on-campus communities
  • Are new transfer residents looking for a traditional hall experience and a wing community
  • Are a continuing sophomore, junior, or senior who is interested in living in a particular traditional residence hall

Program + Learning Outcomes

By participating in New Transfer and Continuing Student Communities, students will:

  • Utilize academic and personal support resources to navigate tasks such as declaring a major
  • Reflect on what their vocation may be as they begin to think about majors and careers
  • Apply skills to navigate mature interpersonal relationships through use of tools and processes such as the roommate and community standards agreements
  • Demonstrate wellness and care for themselves, their communities, and the world through the lens of diversity, justice, and sustainability

Upper Campus

Front view of Harstad

Harstad Hall is the most historic building on campus, once housing the entire university. Today, Harstad Hall provides a living experience for approximately 200 students and is home to the Upper Division Learning Community. Harstad also has some of the largest rooms on campus, with varying room sizes that add character to the five story hall. It is conveniently located between the library, Anderson University Center and Garfield Street, which is home to numerous stores and restaurants. To learn more please visit our Harstad Hall page.

View of Hinderlie Hall

Hinderlie Hall is located close to Mary Baker Russell Music Center and Ingram Hall and central to the entire campus, it is convenient to everything regardless of your major! Home to approximately 130 residents, this hall is also the home of the Community for Creative Expression. Whether you identify as an artist or just love to be immersed in a creative community, this hall has an energizing community that is inspirational for all residents. To learn more please visit our Hinderlie Hall page.

Front view of Ordal Hall

Ordal Hall was freshly renovated for the 2015-16 Academic Year and rooms fill up fast! Ordal is home to the Diversity, Justice and Sustainability (DJS) Community. It is one of two halls on campus with bay windows in most of the rooms and is home to approximately 170 residents. Ordal is conveniently located next to Ingram Hall, which houses PLU’s art and communications departments. Other buildings nearby are the Mary Baker Russell Music Center and the Hauge Administration building which houses both classrooms and many student services.  To learn more please visit our Ordal Hall page.

Lower Campus

Exterior of Pflueger Hall

Pflueger Hall residents enjoy Pflueger’s location adjacent to the tennis and basketball courts, as well as the only sand volleyball court and fire pit on campus. Pflueger is home to approximately 200 residents. Pflueger Hall boasts large study lounges with whiteboards and tables as well as large spacious lounges with flat screen TVs and a cozy fireplace. To learn more please visit our Pflueger Hall page.

South Hall is an apartment-style complex, located on the south edge of campus.  The hall has a view of the Olympic Mountains to the west and Mount Rainier to the east. With multiple living styles including, townhouses, lofts, apartments, and studios, married housing, and more, South Hall is sure to fit all of your needs. To learn more please visit our South Hall page.

Front view of Tingelstad Hall

Tingelstad Hall is the tallest building in all of Parkland and houses approximately 360 residents. Smaller “house” communities of 90 residents are formed by balconies with spiral staircases that join together two floors and open into spacious lounges and kitchens where residents enjoy hanging out with one another. It is situated between the Anderson University Center and the Columbia Center. To learn more please visit our Tingelstad Hall page.

Example Programs

Below are a few examples of programs that have occurred in New Transfer & Returner Wings in the past! If you have an idea for a wing or hall program, contact your Resident Assistant to see about planning it!

  • Wing Events | Wing Dinners, watching movies, weekly TV shows, and/or athletic games together, and/or Attending PLU athletics and performing arts events as a wing
  • Craft nights (e.g., crayon melting, creating room planters, card making, and more!)
  • Trips to Tacoma/Parkland attractions (e.g., apple picking, museums, theatre, and more!)
  • Events about picking a major with Academic Advising and vocational discernment with the Wild Hope Center
  • Study sessions with Academic Assistance


For more information about this Learning Community option you may contact any of the Resident Directors per the hall of your interest below or the Department of Residential Life (rlif@plu.edu):

  • Andrew Corse, Community Director for Hinderlie, Kreidler, & Harstad Halls | corseap@plu.edu
  • Dream Gonzales, Community Director for Ordal and Stuen Halls | dgonzales@plu.edu
  • TBA, Community Director for Pflueger and South Halls | 
  • Edgar Carreno, Community Director for Tingelstad Hall | edgar.carreno@plu.edu