PLU Accessibility and Accommodation Housing

Pacific Lutheran University encourages students to plan for housing that will help them achieve their academic goals and learn the responsibilities of living in a community. While many students perceive a benefit from having a single room or apartment, PLU has limitations on housing space that impact the number of single living options available at any given time. Because some students have unique medical or psychological needs that may impact on-campus living options, a process is in place to assist them with requesting special need-based housing arrangements.

Students who wish to apply for a need-based housing accommodation must submit the following information through the Accessibility and Accommodation Application online. The information and documents described below will be submitted/attached through this online application. Please read through the information below before starting your online application:

The medical documentation must:

1. be prepared by a licensed professional (e.g., nurse practitioner, physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, ophthalmologist, etc.). The documentation must be on professional letterhead, signed, dated, and include the licensed professional’s title, address, and phone number. It must provide a range of dates for which care was provided relating to this diagnosis.

2. be current. The documentation should be recent, preferably within the last 3-6 months, depending on the nature of the condition.

3. present clear and specific evidence which identifies:

a. the student’s needs;

b. their present level of functioning; and

c. how the student’s health, academic performance, and/or activities of daily living may be impacted if the request is not met.

The relationship between the student’s needs and the requested action must be identified. Specific needs related to single rooms, bathroom facilities or location within a building should be specifically addressed in this documentation.

Please note: Even if the committee finds a student qualified for their requested accommodations, Pacific Lutheran University can only offer the student spaces that are currently available at the time the application is submitted and approved.