Preserve the Memories: Honoring Foss Hall

As we bid farewell to Foss Hall, PLU is commemorating its legacy. A webcam has been positioned at the Rieke Science Center, offering a vantage point overlooking Foss Field and Foss Hall and capturing the demolition when it happens.

The webcam will continue to serve as PLU’s official “Is the mountain out?” cam, a whimsical tradition that will carry on beyond the demolition. As we embrace the future, this webcam will serve as a symbol of transition and growth, capturing the beauty of nature.

We invite PLU alumni to join us in preserving the legacy of Foss Hall.

In collaboration with the University Archives, the Office of Alumni and Student Connections is now collecting Foss Hall stories. Share your memories through audio, photos, written accounts, or videos, and help us create an engaging online exhibit.

Built in 1965 to cater to the flourishing student population of the 1960s and 1970s, Foss Hall holds countless treasured memories. Since 2016, the hall has remained closed, and the fateful day of its demolition — June 12, 2023 — begins.

Join Mike Halvorson ’85 in saying a Foss farewell.

Your contributions will showcase the rich history of Foss Hall and the unforgettable experiences shared within its walls. From late-night study sessions to lifelong friendships, each memory adds depth to our digital exhibit, ensuring that the spirit of Foss Hall will live on.

Submit your cherished memories and be part of this extraordinary online exhibit that will honor the essence of Foss Hall for generations to come.