Students walking during Commencement

Scholarships and Awards

PLU students are eligible for the following scholarships and awards:

  • The Judge Bertil E. Johnson Scholarship provides an award to a premedical undergraduate student who has attained junior status.  This scholarship was established by the Allenmore Medical Foundation to honor Judge Bertil E. Johnson. Judge Johnson was born in 1901 and retired from the Pierce County Superior Court in 1974. He was active in service to the community and received many community awards. He helped organize Tacoma’s first Boys Club in 1938 and volunteered with the Boys and Girls Clubs for 57 years. In 1995 he was awarded the Rotary Club’s Community Service Award.
  • The David Ulleland Memorial Scholarship provides an award to a  junior or senior pre-med student who has demonstrated financial need.  This scholarship was established through a gift from Dr. and Mrs. Lowell and JoMarie Anderson, both PLU graduates. Lowell Anderson and David Ulleland were PLU classmates and roommates at the time David Ulleland was killed in a tragic job-related accident on August 3, 1968. David was regarded as quiet, bright, and well-organized, and a serious student and Lutheran. He loved baseball, track, and cross-country track. Out of fondness and appreciation for Lowell Anderson, the Ulleland family generously funded the remainder of his education at PLU. After graduating from PLU in 1971, and after completing medical school, Dr. Lowell Anderson now is a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Montana.  In 1987, the Andersons endowed the David Ulleland Memorial Scholarship as a tribute to David, and as a way of thanking the Ulleland family and repaying them for their support of Lowell’s education.
  • The Dr. Robert Alan Krause Memorial Scholarship is awarded to juniors or seniors pursuing the pre-med track. Students should demonstrate academic success at a level indicating a reasonable chance of medical school placement. This award is renewable. Following graduation from the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, Dr. Krause resided in Butte, Montana where he practiced Pathology until he retired.
  • Students applying to PLU who are interested in careers in health professions may qualify for merit-based scholarships that provide substantial tuition discounts.

List of Past Recipients

Judge Bertil E. Johnson Award

2015-16 – Jessica Lancaster

2014-15 – Christopher Higginbotham

2013-14 – Scott Kirkpatrick

2012-13 – Robert Fisher

2011-12 – Riley Hoyer

2010-11 – Amber McDonald

2009-10 – Phillip McGuiness/ Derek Maclean

2008-09 – Lauren Meyer

2007-08 – Rachel Steffenson Cafferty

2006-07 – Michael Wauters

2005-06 – Andrea Gabler Ames

2004-05 – Christopher Thompson

2003-04 – Jenne Heu-Weller Stabbert

2002-03 – Kjersti Gemar

2001-02 – Nichole Pressman

2000-01 – Brita Feliciano

1999-00 – Matthew Crouthamel

1998-99 – Kevin Michels

1997-98 – Geoff Ledgerwood

David Ulleland Memorial Scholarship

2015-16 – Misty Lang

2014-15 – Jorge Velasquez

2013-14 – Chelsea Travers

2012-13 – Vitaliy Nathka

2010-11 -Amber McDonald/Yuanqing Tang

2009-10 – Harold Leraas

2008-09 – Catherine Stout Doyle

2006-07 – Tanya Libby

2005-06 – Maureen Craig

2004-05 – Kendall Blair

2003-04 -Stephanie Soriano

2002-03 – Thea Petersen

2001-02 – Dekey Llhewa

2000-01 – Kathryn Hudson

1999-00 – Carl Shanks

1998-99 – Jolene Schmid

1997-98 – Allister Stone

Dr. Robert Alan Krause Memorial Scholarship

2015-16 – Loyall Harris

2014-15 – Dylan Nehrenberg

2013-14 – Christine Swope

2012-13 – Sean Boaglio

2011-12 -Clara Lightner

2010-11 – Yuanqing Tang

2009-10 – Brian Beerbower

2008-09 – Christina Tieu

2007-08 – Guy Jensen

2006-07 – Blake Busey

2005-06 – Elizabeth Stuhlmiller

2004-05- Austin Gross

2003-04 – Lam-Phuong Nguyen

2002-03- Christina Madison