The Mast Editor-in-Chief


  1. Manage all newsroom, business and administrative operations for the newspaper.
  2. Update all documents, templates, libraries, etc. for the current year.
  3. Determine a specific publication schedule.
  4. Interview and hire staff positions and hold employees accountable for fulfilling job functions.
  5. Train and assist employees in journalism and writing skills, Adobe programs and AP Style.
  6. In conjunction with the General Manager of Mast TV, hold weekly staff meetings to review and assign content.
  7. At times, responsible for advertising revenue generation to support the media outlet.
  8. Serve as the communication hub with Student Life officials for administrative purposes.
  9. Maintain the online presence of the organization, including answering email and updating all social media sites consistently.
  10. Oversee, edit and submit the final product to the printer.
  11. Maintain an ethical newsroom.
  12. Oversee the  Mobile App.
  13. Complete all semester reports.