Saxifrage Editor


Saxifrage is PLU’s premier literary and art magazine. It consists of work by students, staff and alumni – poems, traditional art, literary essays, print, short stories, photography, musical scores and other works, all selected by volunteer judges from the PLU community. A book by the people, for the people. A celebration and review of excellence. A piece of PLU you can take with you. Saxifrage is ran by two coeditors whose responsibilities are planning events, soliciting and collecting submissions, and all other steps required to create the next edition of Saxifrage magazine.

Job Summary

  • Plan events for the community.
  • Advertise for submissions (posters, speak with professors, email lists, Facebook, etc.)
  • Design the magazine layout. Design or select cover image. Collect and judge submissions. Edit submissions. Work with printing company to reach affordable decisions for printing.
  • Distribute the previous year’s issues, as well as back issues
  • Create or collect content for the Saxifrage website.

Student Media Executive Duties

  • Enroll in and successfully complete the 4-credit course Communication 427: Media and Leadership for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters.
  • Work closely with the outgoing general manager during the last month of the school year and attend PLU’s Student Leadership Institute (SLI) prior to Fall Semester of the upcoming school year. Submit proposals for budget and staffing to USMB and a proposal for staff organization.
  • Administer all aspects of the media, including reporting, writing, layout design printing, advertising, photography, editorial decisions, circulation, production, videotaping, recording, and editing.
  • Assume full responsibility for any material published or aired, and address any complaints filed against the media outlet.
  • In conjunction with the advisor and University appropriate officials, prepare and issue requests for contractual bids for equipment and service.
  • Be responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and overall quality of the media; and in conjunction with the advisor, review the appropriateness of material for publication/airing, including techniques used in gathering information.
  • Ensure that the publication/production is properly equipped and that adequate space is provided for production.
  • In conjunction with the advisor, maintain professional contact with journalistic organizations outside the campus and with members of printing trades, publishing firms, television productions, radio productions, and similar operations on other campuses. Meet regularly with the other media outlet heads to discuss content and promote cross-platform collaboration.

Key Qualifications

Be a student enrolled at PLU full time (twelve credit hours or more) at the time of selection with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. Be enrolled for a minimum of twelve semester hours and maintain a 2.5 grade point average or higher during tenure in office. Have demonstrated past ability to provide leadership and use sound judgment.