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Written/Co-Producer – Camille Adams
Directed/Co-Producer – Rachel Diebel
Editor – Nate Bannister
Assistant to the Director – Haleigh Missildine
Theme song by – Kelvin Adams

Maylen Anthony – Sara Crewe
Alex Clayton – Minerva Chinchilla
Courtney Gould – Mary
Leah Gibbon – Irma
Sarah Henderson – Lottie
Denae McGaha – Lav

“Dear Emily” is entirely student written, acted, directed, edited and produced. Modernized for the smallest screen, “Dear Emily” tells the story of Sara Crewe, a privileged 20-year-old diplomat’s daughter, raised on an idyllic island. When conflict in her home erupts, Sara transfers to Moss College of Winlock in the U.S. for her college degree. Sara’s naive daydreams and storytelling charm butt heads with the grittier lives of the students she encounters and the relationships she forms with her peers. When calamity strikes, Sara must learn to set aside her privilege and see her story through another’s eyes.

“Dear Emily” will air on the Mast Student TV YouTube Channel at 9 a.m. Mondays and Thursdays from Feb. 9, 2015 through April 30, 2015.

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Special thanks to Rob Wells, Joanne Lisosky, Anne-Marie Falloria, Allie Reynolds, and Matt Salzano.


Dear Emily ep 1 - Warm Welcomes from Moss Cow

Ep 1 – Warm Welcome From Moss Cow
Hey Papa! I hope you got back to Santasia okay. I decided use my new laptop, Emily, to tell you stories about life stateside so that you don’t worry about me too much! Love you, S.

Dear Emily ep2 - Meet the Adventuring Amigras

Ep 2 – Meet the Adventuring Amigas
In which I meet all of the girls in my dorm and get an extra surprise about my living situation.

Dear Emily ep3 - In Which Sara Learns to Share

Ep 3 – In Which Sara Learns to Share
Mary seems nice. I’m sure we’ll learn to get along, even if she’s a little hesitant about Emily.

Dear Emily ep4 - Bedtime Tales with Lottie

Ep 4 – Bedtime Tales with Lottie
I’m missing you so much Papa, but I hope this story will help you keep me close. I loved being able to tell stories to help Lottie out. She needs a friend, and you know me, I can’t resist a person in need.

Dear Emily ep5 - A Damsel in Scrubs

Ep 5 -A Damsel in Scrubs
A chance encounter with the elusive Becca! Her story is just so inspiring, I can’t wait to write about her. The Little Princesa. The story practically writes itself!

Dear Emily ep6 - A Most Heinous Interruption

Ep 5 -A Most Heinous Interruption
I hate, hate, hate being interrupted while I’m reading, and this is why. At least I’ve got a birthday to look forward to!

Dear Emily ep7 - Stumbling In to 21

Ep 7 – Stumbling In to 21
I wish you could be here on my birthday, Papa, but at least I’ve made some wonderful new friends here. Mary even made me a tumblr, which you can look at here if you want to read about the adventures of the Little Princesa!

Dear Emily ep8 - Cupcakes and Gold Cards, Oh My!

Ep 8 -Cupcakes and Gold Cards, Oh My!