Lute Lingo

Commonly used phrases and abbreviations at PLU.

add/dropAdding or removing a course from your schedule (can be done on Banner)
AdminHauge Administration Building
advising weekGenerally the week before course registration opens, this is the week that students meet with their advisors to plan their courses for the next semester.
ASPLUAssociated Students of Pacific Lutheran University
AYCTEAll You Care to Eat meals in the Commons. Dinners (except for Saturday) and Sunday Brunch
BannerBanner is our online administrative tool. You can access personal information, financial aid information, register for classes, review your course schedule, and check your CAPP report here.
BjugBjug Harstad, founding president of PLU
CampoCampus Safety
Campus ministryCampus ministry is a welcoming space for all spiritual expression on campus
CDCommunity director. This is a staff member who supervises a residence hall.
common readingBook required for all entering first years in order to provide all students with a common ground for discussion in the first week of life on campus
commuterStudent who does not live on campus
course overloadenrolling in more than 17 credits of courses. There is a fee associated with course overload.
CSSCenter for Student Success. The center for student success is a collection of resources to help students succeed academically at PLU.
dead weekThe week prior to finals week. At PLU, classes still meet during dead week.
Dining DollarsDining dollars are the currency that you use to buy food at campus restaurants during a la carte meal periods
DJSCenter for Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability. These are three core values at PLU, and much of our coursework and campus discussion centers around these themes. The Diversity Center and the Center for Gender Equity have merged into this Center.
double dippingTaking a class that meets two or more general education requirements
E (grade)Failing grade; we do not use F's at PLU
EpassYour email and log in information for all PLU databases
finals weekThe last week of the semester, where students take final exams for all courses
First in the FamilyThe individual is the first person in their family to attend college
foss fieldFoss Field is the large green square at the bottom of Hinderlie Hill. A lot of activities take place here, from intramural sprots to the involvement fair.
Full timeenrolling in 12-17 credits per semester. Generally, students must be full time to have their financial aid be effective.
FYEPFirst Year Experience Program. The First Year Experience Program is a set of classes and cocurricular experiences that set students up for success at PLU.
Garfield 208Cafe located on Garfield Street
GCalGoogle Calendar. GCal is the calendar used by the PLU community, and is linked to your Epass account.
Gender InclusiveSomething that is accessible to people of all gender identities and expressions. It is used frequently in reference to housing and restrooms.
GenEd (and the official name)General Education Requirements, courses required to take to graduate
holdA hold is a block placed on your student account. Holds can prevent students from registering for classes or from graduating. Check on Banner to see what caused the hold and how to resolve it.
ILLInter-Library Loan. Borrow books or articles/journals, etc. from another school's library for no extra cost
ImpactImpact is the student media organization at PLU. They are in charge of the posters that are displayed all around campus.
incompletea grade of incomplete can be given in certain circumstances, such as illness or injury, that prevent a student from being able to complete a course before grades are due. Incomplete grades can later be changed once students complete the required coursework.
Kelley CafeSmall cafe located in Morken
LagerquistConcert hall in the Mary Baker Russell Center
LASRLute Air Student Radio. This is a student-run radio station that has music, talk shows, and various fun programs, all put on by PLU students.
LRCLanguage Resource Center. Located in the first floor lounge of Hong, the Language Resource Center is a place to get help in language classes, learn about current events from around the world, and practice a language.
Lute BucksLute Bucks are a currency that can be used anywhere on campus. They function like normal dollars. Printing, items in the Lute Locker, and food can be purchased with Lute Bucks.
Lute CafeSmall cafe located in Admin
Lute CardYour PLU ID. Has Lute Bucks and Dining Dollars on it (if you have a meal plan). It also lets you into buildings, and allows you to access services like printing. You should take it everywhere.
Lute LockerCampus store on first floor of Anderson University Center
Lutheran Higher EdLutheran Higher Education is the theoretical core around which a PLU education is based.
MartyMartin Luther, the founder of the Lutheran denomination of christianity.
meal swipesMeal plans come with "swipes" to get students in to the All You Care To Eat meals in the Commons
OAAOffice of Accessibility and Accommodation. The office of accessibility and accomodation helps to provide equitable access to education for all students
OMMOld Main Market. Market on second floor of AUC. You can use dining dollars and Lute Bucks here, as well as cash and card.
part timeTaking less than 12 credits in a semester. Part time students have different financial aid eligibility than full time students.
pass/failSome courses (like PE) are pass/fail, which means there is not a letter grade assigned to the credit you earn. You can choose to use a pass/fail on two classes throughout the course of your education
PLUPacific Lutheran University
quiet hoursQuiet Hours are designated times within residence halls during which people are not allowed to be loud. This is so that people can sleep and study.
RR stands for Thursday on the academic calendar.
RA/CAResident/Community Assistant. These are students who work for residential life to support students living on campus, as well as commuter students.
registration access codeYou must obtain this code from your advisor in order to register for classes each term
residentialResidential students are students who live on campus.
RHAResident Hall Association. RHA plans many events throughout the year for residence halls.
SakaiSakai is the online platform through which course content is organized. Professors will use various elements of Sakai to facilitate communication and distribute resources for their courses.
SFSStudent Financial Services
SOACSchool of Arts of Communication
SRRStudent Rights and Responsibilities
Study AwayPLU's study "abroad": we call it study away because we offer domestic programs
SurPLUsSurPLUs is PLU's secondhand store. Students and staff can donate items to SurPLUs, and they can shop for items as well.
swipe accessOutside of normal business hours, students with active PLU ID cards can swipe their cards to get into the buildings.
The CaveCommon space for commuter students (and all others) to hang. On ground floor of AUC
The CommonsThe Dining hall in the Anderson University Center
UC/AUCAnderson University Center
vocationVocation is the term we use at PLU to describe the multiplicity of options for career and other post-collegiate opportunities.
Wang CenterCenter for Study Away resources. Located by MBR
withdrawTo leave a class or the university. There is sometimes a fee to withdraw from a class.
ARTDArt and Design
BUSABusiness Administration
BMBABusiness - Master's of Business Administration
BMSFBusiness - Master's of Science in Finance
BMMRBusiness - Master's in Marketing Research
CHSPChinese Studies Program
CSCIComputer Science
EPSYEducational Psychology
ENVTEnvironmental Studies
GLSTGlobal Studies
HISPHispanic Studies
INOVInnovation Studies
IHONInternational Honors
LANGLanguages and Literatures
MFTHMarriage and Family Therapy
MILSMilitary Sciences
NAISNative American and Indigenous Studies
NORDNordic Studies
PHEDPhysical Education
POLSPolitical Science
PPAPPublishing and Printing Arts
SOCWSocial Work
SOLUSouthern Lushootseed
SPEDSpecial Education
WMGSWomen's and Gender Studies
AAlternative Perspectives
ARArt, Music, or Theatre
CCross-Cultural Perspectives
FFirst-Year Inquiry Seminar
WFirst-Year Writing Seminar
H1International Honors - 100 level
H2International Honors - 200 level
H3International Honors - 300 level
HGSEHolocaust and Genocide Studies Elective
MRMathematical Reasoning
NSNatural Sciences, Math, or Computer Science Elective
PEPhysical Education Activity Course
RCChristian Religious Traditions
RGGlobal Regligious Traditions
SMScience and Scientific Method
SOSocial Sciences
SRCapstone: Senior Seminar/Project
SYEPSecond-Year Experience Course
WMGSWomen and Gender Studies Elective
WRWriting Requirement
ADMNHauge Admin Building
CCCSColumbia Center
GSTNGraduate Studies Building
HARSHarstad Hall
HINDHinderlie hall
HONGHong Hall
INGRIngram Hall
KREIKreidler Hall
LIBRMordtvedt Library
MBRCMary Baker Russell Center
MCLTMorken Center for Learning and Technology
MGYMMemorial Gym
NAMENames Fitness Center
OGYMOlson Gym
ORDLOrdal Hall
PARDSEParadise Bowl
PFLUPflueger Hall
PHLCKaren Hille Phillips Center
RAMSRamstad Hall
RCTRReike Science Center
SOTHSouth Hall
STUEStuen Hall
TACFIRTacoma Firs Golf Course
TINGTingelstad Hall
XAVRXavier Hall