We are a project of ASPLU aimed to increase civic participation by voter registration and education. Click here to register to vote online. Check out our upcoming events below in order to get engaged civically!

Interested in volunteering? Email asplupres@plu.edu for more information.

Voting FAQs

Research the initiatives and look up your local candidates, whether it’s through your voter’s pamphlet or Googling! Ballotpedia is a great non-partisan resource, although it doesn’t have everything. If you’re registered in WA, an online version of your voter pamphlet is available here.

Tuesday, November 7th is the 2023 general election, with positions like city council, Port of Tacoma Commissioner, and multiple propositions up for vote. Contact Lute Vote for any questions you may have. Make sure your ballot is either mailed or dropped off by 8 p.m. on November 7th. The closest dropbox to campus is located at the Parkland/Spanaway library.

Through the mail or ballot dropbox! In Washington state, stamps are not required to submit your ballot!

If you’re voting absentee (out of state), you can get a free stamp, provided by ASPLU Lute Vote Director (please email hailey.staats@plu.edu to receive a stamp).

Request your absentee ballot using this link. Make sure to request this as soon as possible so your ballot is received in time!

Free stamps for these ballots are provided by ASPLU Lute Vote Director (please email hailey.staats@plu.edu to receive a stamp).

You can email ASPLU’s Lute Vote Director at hailey.staats@plu.edu or call the Pierce County Elections office at (253) 798-7430.

Registration FAQs

If you have a Washington drivers license, you can register online here. If you do not have a WA drivers license, register in person at one of our events or at the .

Out of state students are still permitted to register in Washington if they choose, or you can register in your home state. Each state has a different process to register, and to be registered in another state you will need to request an absentee ballot to vote from PLU. Therefore, we generally find it easier for out of state students to register in Washington instead. Go to question 1 to find out how to do that.

Note: Alaska students, registering in another state may cause you to lose your PFD.

In 2018, Washington lawmakers adopted legislation providing for same-day voter registration and automatic voter registration beginning in 2019.

One may register to vote online, by mail, or in-person at a county elections department. Registration must be completed 8 days in advance of Election Day  if done by mail or online. If registering in person, registration must be completed before 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Check your WA registration to see where you registered by going here. Outside of WA state, go here.

You can email ASPLU’s Lute Vote Director at hailey.staats@plu.edu or call the Pierce County Elections office at (253) 798-7430.

ASPLU Vice president elections are coming up! Keep an eye out for candidate information on the ASPLU Instagram page. Ballots sent out November 17th