Bias Incident Reporting Form

The purpose of the Bias Incident Response Team is to anonymously collect data regarding instances of experienced bias within the PLU community and monitor the type and frequency of such occurrences. Doing so will help us better understand our campus climate, create community-based educational opportunities to address noted trends in such occurrences, and foster an environment where everyone feels welcome. 

*Please note that the Bias Incident Reporting Form is for anonymous data collection only. Therefore, names and/or identifying characteristics of individuals involved in the occurrence are not collected from this form.If you think the incident you have experienced may call for further action, please complete an Incident Report Form with Student Rights and Responsibilities or consult with the University Dispute Resolution Committee

Background Information


If you have experienced an incident to which you would like a response, please complete an Incident Report Form with Student Rights and Responsibilities or consult with the University Dispute Resolution Committee.
Supporting Documentation. (Please be sure to remove any names or identifying characteristics before attaching supporting documentation.)
Examples of supporting documentation may be photos of graffiti, photos of messages on whiteboards, screenshots of chats, etc.

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