International Honors Program

28 semester hours

The International Honors Program (IHON) provides a select group of entering first-year students a challenging and creative alternative to the General Education Program, which reflects PLU’s unique mission and emphasis upon the liberal arts. Consequently, IHON accounts for 32 of the 48 semester hours that are required by the General Education Program. Although just seven courses (28 hours), the program fulfills 32 semester hours due to the interdisciplinary nature of the program. Accordingly, students who have satisfactorily completed the Honors Program receive credit for the following: Art, Music, Theatre (4); Literature (4); Philosophy (4); Religion (8); Natural Sciences, Computer Science, or Mathematics (4); and Social Sciences (8).

International Honors students must complete the remaining 16 semester hours of the General Education Program prior to graduation from the University: First-Year Experience Program: Writing Seminar (4); Fitness and Wellness (2); Mathematical Reasoning (4); Science and Scientific Method (4); and Encountering Perspectives on Diversity (Alternative Perspectives and Cross-Cultural Perspectives). Students must complete four semester hours from each of the Perspectives on Diversity lines and both may concurrently fulfill another GenEd/IHON or major/minor requirement; Senior Seminar/ Project (these hours count in the major). For a full description of IHON and for details about applying to the program, go to the International Honors Program section of this catalog.