CHWS Attendance Policy

Counseling, Health and Wellness Services (CHWS) assess a fine for students who No Show for appointments, cancel/reschedule a scheduled appointment less than 24-hours in advance, or who arrive late after their scheduled appointment time (for the Health Center – 6 minutes or later; for the Counseling Center – 15 minutes or later).  Students receive a warning for their first infraction for each academic year, and are charged $30 for each subsequent infraction.  Infractions are counted separately for the Counseling Center and the Health Center.

These fees are also posted in the PLU Catalog, under “Tuition, Fees and Payment Information” – Charges, Fees and Fines.

Counseling Center Policy Change – Effective Spring Semester (February 17, 2021)

The PLU Counseling Center acknowledges and has adjusted to the challenges posed during the current pandemic by waiving the “No Show Fee” policy for charging students who have missed a scheduled meeting without sufficient advance notice, as described above.

However, due to limited availability of psychiatric resources and an ongoing waiting list, students will be charged a $30 No Show Fee for any missed appointment with the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner as psychiatry appointments are in high demand.  Warnings are not given.  No-Show Fees are charged to the student’s account.  The intent of this policy change is to prevent appointments from going unused due to students not showing up.