The Linda Bierds and Carol Houck Smith Graduate Scholarships

Each year Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) awards select students in the MFA program up to $5,000 in scholarships. The number and amount of the scholarships vary depending on the qualifications of the candidates.

The Linda Bierds Scholarship is named for a distinguished poet residing the Pacific Northwest who has taught for many years in the Rainier Writing Workshop. The Carol Houck Smith Scholarship is established in memory of a longtime friend of literature and senior editor at W. W. Norton.

The scholarship amount is determined at the time of the student's acceptance to the program, and disbursed over the duration of the student's time in the program, contingent on satisfactory academic performance.
All students applying to the MFA program may apply for these scholarships.
February 15
Application Procedure
To apply for the Linda Bierds and Carol Houck Smith Graduate Scholarships, please submit the following items no later than February 15:
  1. All application materials for the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program.  The writing portfolio and personal statement included in the MFA program application will be used to evaluate each candidate for the scholarships.

  2. This application form.

Statement of Understanding
The information on this form is accurate and I authorize PLU to verify the above information.  If at any time the information on this form is deemed falsified by me, I understand that my financial assistance from PLU may be revoked and I may be dismissed from the program.

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