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The tallest building in Parkland

February 2, 2009

The tallest building in Parkland

Tingelstad Hall will not be ignored. At a whopping nine stories, it proudly bears the title of Parkland’s tallest building. Naturally, Tingelstad is also Pacific Lutheran University’s largest hall. The sheer size, though, was not what surprised first-year student Madeline Gunter. In fact, it was something that might go unnoticed by most incoming college students.

“The one thing that I found most surprising after I moved in was that there is a piano for people to play. Even though it’s kind of out of tune, it’s still nice to have it to practice on,” she said.

Every so often, visitors to the first floor can hear scales, arpeggios, and perhaps even a contemporary tune, as a student takes a break from studying and sits down at their “alternative keyboard.”

It’s those little details that make the Tingelstad community so unique.

Another feature enjoyed by Tingelstad residents is the house communities, each consisting of two stories. A tightly spiraling staircase joins the two floors that open up into a lofty central lounge complete with comfy couches, study tables, hall decorations, and even a kitchen. Here, residents can study, chat or just have a midnight snack.

“The house communities are a good way to meet people from other floors that you might not normally talk to. It gives people a place to congregate other than their rooms. Tingelstad is really big, so you have a lot of opportunities to meet new people,” Gunter said.

And there are a lot of people to meet. Tingelstad is home to about 360 students, the most of any residence hall on campus. This, of course, results in one of the most diverse resident communities.

Most Tingelstad residents also get the luxury of having elevator access. While it is one of the very few residence halls with elevators, not everyone gets to enjoy them. When it comes to elevator privileges, Tingelstad residents have a sort of silent agreement.

“If you live below the fourth floor, you are pretty much expected to take the stairs,” Gunter said.

Is there an explanation for this? No, although most of the other residence halls have three stories with stair access only – perhaps three is the magic number.

In terms of the building itself, Tingelstad is centrally located on lower campus, which makes it easy for students to get to Olsen auditorium, the University Center, the Columbia Golf Course and the fitness center. As an added bonus, the only fenced and gated parking lot is right across the street.

Overall, Tingelstad residents enjoy the diversity and unique qualities of their home.

“I like living in Tingelstad,” Gunter said, “It’s close to the gym so I can get to cheer practice, and it’s not too far from the UC. It works perfectly for me.”

Article by PLU student Brielle Erickson. Photo by University Photographer Jordan Hartman.