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9:52 a.m. – Mr. Homfeldt’s eighth grade history class

September 1, 2009

9:52 a.m. – Mr. Homfeldt’s eighth grade history class

“No, no and no,” Steve Homfeldt ’89 barks out to the group of students surrounding him. “And whatever you’re going to ask: no.”The 35 eighth-graders know he’s kidding, so they continue to pepper him with questions. Homfeldt, has asked his class to chronicle a road trip of sorts, asking them to plot a course to Eastern Washington and back, estimating gas mileage and the cost for hotels, food and entertainment. He also wants an essay written. Due by next Tuesday.

The class groans.

Hanging on the walls are football and baseball memorabilia. There is a life-size, signed, Ichiro Suzuki cutout that seems to be staring at Homfeldt’s collections of barf bags hanging on another wall.

“Instead of post cards, I ask me students to send me these,” he says. He’s going for the world record of 3,307.

“When people find out what I do, they think I have a bit of a screw loose to teach this age,” he says. Homfeldt, 42, completed his 17th year in teaching, 16 of them at Cascade. He also teaches band and coaches the football team.

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