STEM Education Minor

The STEM Education minor will provide focused study for students who are interested in both Education and the STEM fields. The program is well suited for any student interested in exploring the vocation of teaching or who enjoys science outreach and science communication. This minor includes courses in Education and Natural Sciences and includes service learning.

Why STEM Education?

There is a need for excellent teachers with strong content knowledge in STEM who are able to teach using culturally sustaining pedagogy. This minor is supportive of, and connects to PLU’s focus on diversity, justice and sustainability. This interdisciplinary minor allows students to explore teaching as a vocation while also developing a strong foundation across the STEM disciplines.

Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy

Students will learn Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy to prepare for K-12 teaching. Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy seeks to sustain linguistic, literature, and cultural pluralism as part of schooling that centers critical thinking and justice. This pedagogical approach views cultural diversity as an asset to be sustained that provides students with the opportunity to develop dynamic cultural dexterity.

Teachers who are trained to use Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy are equipped to effectively teach all students for a multilingual, multicultural, and democratic society.