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Agnes Choi

Assistant Professor of New Testament

Agnes Choi, Assistant Professor of New Testament, PLU
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Choi will present Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Why Jews and Christians Parted Ways

The origins of Christianity lie in Judaism: Jesus was Jewish, the disciples were Jewish, and Paul was Jewish.  The Christian Old Testament consists of the Jewish Scriptures, and most of the Christian New Testament was written by Jews.  Why, then, aren’t Christians Jewish?  This presentation will consider Judaism and Christianity in the first century C.E. and will explore some of the reasons that led to the parting of the ways between Jews and Christians.

Choi completed her Ph.D. in New Testament at the University of St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto.  She teaches courses in biblical studies, with a focus on early Christianity and Judaism in the period of the Second Temple.  Both her teaching and research considers how the ancient texts should be understood in their ancient contexts.  Her research currently focuses on the ancient economy and the development of Christianity in that context.