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Rabbi Bruce Kadden

Lecturer in Religion

Rabbi Bruce Kadden, Lecturer in Religion, PLU; Temple beth-El, Tacoma
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Rabbi Bruce Kadden will present Dabru Emet: A Jewish Perspective on Christians and Christianity.

Dabru Emet (Hebrew for  “Speak the Truth”) proposes a series of theses concerning Jewish views of Christianity and a call for Jews and Christians to work together for justice in the world. Signed by over 220 rabbis and Jewish scholars, Dabru Emet was first published in the New York Times on September 10, 2000.  For many if not most Christians, it is a little known document of inter-religious good will. Copies of the document will be available at this presentation.

Bruce Kadden is rabbi of Temple Beth El in Tacoma and teaches Judaism. He is the co-author, along with his wife Barbara, of Teaching Mitzvot: Concepts, Values and Activities; Teaching Tefilah: Insights and Activities on Prayer; and Teaching Jewish Life Cycle: Traditions and Activities. He has written articles for the website interfaithfamily.com, including, “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?” “Interfaith and Interfaithless Marriages”; “Why January 1 is Special: Even Jesus was Circumcised on the Eighth Day”; “What Jews and Christians Should Know About Each Other: An Important Primer on the Two Religions”; and “A Christian’s Guide to Passover.”