CHWS Attendance Policy

Counseling, Health and Wellness Services (CHWS) assess a fine for students who No Show for appointments, cancel/reschedule a scheduled appointment less than 24-hours in advance, or who arrive late after their scheduled appointment time (for the Health Center – 6 minutes or later; for the Counseling Center – 15 minutes or later).  Students receive a warning for their first infraction for each academic year, and are charged $30 for each subsequent infraction.  Infractions are counted separately for the Counseling Center and the Health Center.

These fees are also posted in the PLU Catalog, under “Tuition Information” – Charges, Fees and Fines.

Counseling Center Policy Change – Effective Spring Semester (February 17, 2021)

Due to limited availability of psychiatric resources and an ongoing waiting list, students will be charged a $30 No Show Fee for any missed appointment with the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner as psychiatry appointments are in high demand.  Warnings are not given.  No-Show Fees are charged to the student’s account.  The intent of this policy change is to prevent appointments from going unused due to students not showing up.