The Mission of PLU Counseling, Health & Wellness Services

PLU Counseling, Health & Wellness Services (CHWS) provides integrated medical, mental health, and wellness care to enable optimal student overall well-being.  Our staff are committed to providing a confidential, emotionally safe, accessible, and compassionate space for all students.  We provide consultative services and outreach for the PLU community to help foster a collaborative environment supportive of student wellness and healthy development.  In keeping with the mission of PLU, we value an integrated, holistic approach to treating the whole person — in body, mind, and spirit.  We empower students to develop self-awareness, knowledge, and the skills necessary to make healthy choices and build relationships in a diverse world.  We strive to integrate multicultural humility and competence into our everyday functioning, firmly planted in the belief that all people have dignity and are deserving of respect.  Grounded in this foundation, we support students in all of their intersecting identities.